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Why You Should Make Boracay Your Next Summer Destination

There are plenty of reasons why Boracay should be included in every Singaporean’s list of summer destinations. This article will share only some of the most common reasons for visiting the tropical island so we can leave the rest for you to find out. If you’re expecting some idyllic beach experience – pristine white sand and crystal clear waters – this summer destination will not disappoint. Find out why a lot of foreigners have fallen in love with the island and why a lot of expats have chosen to stay the rest of their lives on the beautiful Boracay.


Boracay is stunningly beautiful

Boracay promises soft white sand and beautiful clear azure blue water. This is hands down one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world. Come prepared with your best figure for an Instagram worthy picture. Your photos of the Boracay beach scenes would be perfect for your likeable social media posts. You can even go on an island-hopping tour to some of other unspoiled islands just nearby.

Boracay is filled with friendly and hospitable locals

Get to experience for yourself the famed friendliness and hospitability of Filipinos. These people will be more than willing to guide you and will meet you with big friendly smiles. You’d almost think they were born with a smile on their faces.


Boracay offers world class sunsets

A lot of couples and romantic tours have already witnessed the majestic sunset in Boracay. Catch this breathtaking natural wonder yourself. With white sand on your feet and the vast blue water, you’re almost assured that beautiful sunsets are created here. This is one of the reasons why beach weddings and honeymoon packages are a big hit in Boracay. Falling in love with the place just makes you fall in love with your partner more.

Boracay is filled with world class restaurants that serve mouthwatering seafood dishes

You will find a lot of restaurant options for every budget and still get to indulge in sumptuous seafood dishes. The tropical island has the freshest seafood offered that are a rarity in other places. You can find this seafood at the local market which is a great option for those who are on a budget. Or you can also just order some at a world class restaurant nearby and dine with class.

Boracay is full of fun

Your days and nights in Boracay will be full of fun. There are numerous water sports activities you can choose from such as cliff diving, parasailing, jet skiing, helmet diving, and many more. At nights you can enjoy lively parties and open bars.