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What You Can Do to Keep Singapore Clean

No country is squeaky clean. Every country is facing challenges when it comes to cleaning their environment. Singapore is dealing with this too. The government is encouraging citizens and residents to join the Keep Singapore Clean Movement. This is a national programme which calls everyone to make the city a ‘truly clean’ city.


Keep Singapore Clean Movement is spearheaded by Public Hygiene Council, National Environment Agency and other cleanliness movement. Here are the philosophies of the movement:

  • Litter picking: You can keep the city clean by picking the litters. No matter how small it is, it can make a difference. Do not ignore litters when you see it. Do goodwill by picking it.


  • Being an advocate: Being an advocate means doing it even if no one is watching. You have to practice it as if it is in your system. There are people who instantly become advocates when someone is watching. Do not do that because it only makes the movement ordinary.
  • Show consideration: There are people who are selfish; these people only think about themselves and do not consider the people around them. If you want to keep the city clean, you have to show consideration for the succeeding users. You have to make sure that public spaces are clean so succeeding users can happily use it.

It sounds simple but when you actually do it, you will realize that it is difficult especially if other people are not doing it. It is important that you practice it at all times and be a model for other people and your peers. If you want to join the movement, you can sign up.