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Web Hosting Importance

Web hosting is the primary step to get a Singapore website going on the Internet. When you create a business website for your company, you will need a space for it on the Internet so that it will be published for the whole world to see. A web host can provide that space you need.

How Does Hosting Work?
To make your business or personal website available on the Internet, you will need high-powered computers, also known as web servers, with a high-speed network to host your website. Say a person types in your URL or website address that you have purchased from web hosting Singapore he or she will be connected to the web server that is hosting your website and from there, he or she can now access what’s in your website.

Cheap Web Hosting
It is expensive to have your own web server for your Singapore company, especially if it is still growing. The cost of buying and maintaining high-powered computers can pose a threat to your revenues. What most small companies in Singapore do is pay for the services of a web web host. In this way, they don’t have to set up and maintain a company web server. All the needed computers and other machines for web hosting are already available for lease from their chosen web host.
Types of Hosting
Hosting are of different types and each type serves a specific purpose.
Shared Hosting
Out of all types of hosting, this one is the most common and the easiest type to take. In this type, there is one shared hosting server for different websites that need hosting.
Having a shared hosting server can be cheaper since you won’t be paying for the entire Singapore server. Second, it’s easier to use. The server has been set up or preconfigured in advance so it is ready for hosting operations. Your web hosting company will also be the one to take charge of the server’s maintenance as well as its security updates.

However, a shared hosting server also has disadvantages. There is a tendency that all hosted websites in that server will be affected if one of them becomes really busy.

Dedicated Hosting
In this type of web hosting, a customer has the entire server for itself. Everything is exclusively intended for its purpose.
Dedicated hosting is flexible. A business owner in Singapore, for example, can customize both software and hardware specifications of the web server according to his business’ needs. The resources are dedicated to one website alone, thus guaranteeing good uptime and fast speed.
However, you need to have technical knowledge as you will be responsible in configuring and managing the server. And since it is not shared with other customers, it’s more expensive.

Virtual Private Servers
VPS has the characteristics of shared hosting as well as dedicated hosting. The server is still shared with other customers. But with virtualization technology, there can be partitions with each one having its specific dedicated resources that can be configured to serve like a dedicated server. Since there are partitions, this type of web hosting can be advantageous as other websites can have lesser effect to the speed of your website no matter how busy they can get. Unlike shared hosting, there is a lesser number of customer who occupies the same server. That said, VPS is more expensive than shared hosting. Also, it requires high technical knowledge for you to have full control over your server.