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Ways to Effectively Connect with Your Man


If your relationship with your boyfriend is not as close as you’d want it to be, don’t wait for your better half to spontaneously bond with you. Take deliberate action—minus the drama—and all your efforts can result to a much stronger bond with your man.


  1. Flirt With Him

Do you remember the first time you met your man? Did you feel strong connection between the two of you? If so, recreate that old feeling and get closer to him. Spend less time sitting in the couch and make the effort to go out on dates. If you miss the feeling when you couldn’t just take your eyes off each other when you first met in a coffee shop, take him to that same place for a cup of coffee and reminisce that sweet little moment you shared together.

  1. Be Intimate

There’s no denying that intimacy can create stronger bond to a romantic relationship. This isn’t just about being sexual, but being able to get physically closer to your partner. Sneak up behind him for an unexpected hug while he’s in the sink brushing his teeth or put your head on his shoulder while watching TV together. All these little actions will lead you closer to him and build more attraction for a stronger relationship.


  1. Open Him Up

In a world where men feel they have to be strong and tough, they really need a place where they can be vulnerable. As his partner, you should be the one to create a vulnerability-inviting place for him. However, your man has to feel comfortably confiding in you. Open up to him. Share your feelings, fears, secrets, and problems, and let him comfort you like he’s you’re hero. Knowing that you trust him with your feelings will invite him to open up about his feelings, fears, and secrets as well.

  1. Show Him He’s a Fun Person

The best way to get closer to your man is to spend time with him and show him that you enjoy his company. If he knows you’re having fun with him and you find him an enjoyable person to be with, he will automatically feel closer to you, and your relationship will prosper and become more intimate naturally.

It’s not uncommon for men to have a hard time getting comfortably intimate with their partners, don’t mistake awkwardness to lack of interest. Ease into your project for closeness, and slowly draw your man in without scaring him off.