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Watch Local Musicals

The year 2013 for Singaporeans is very prosperous. The economy is doing well and infrastructures and lifestyles are better than ever. 2013 also brought countless international shows in the shores of Singapore. Some international shows that are welcomed by Singaporeans include The Phantom of the Opera, Stomp, Dirty Dancing, The Addams Family and many more.

There is nothing wrong if you are a fan of worldwide hits. But you should never forget to promote and support your local talents. There are many local musicals or shows that you can be proud of. You should watch:


Pursuant is a local musical show that tackles about dreams. The story is futuristic and awakening. You will be moved by the story and you will surely relate to it. It is about a boy who is doing his best to restore the nation’s dreams for in the year 2023, dreaming is banned. Accompany Ethan and his sidekicks on their countless adventures to restore the dreams.

All people will enjoy the plot. The musical will be held at the Drama Centre Theatre – Black Box, 100 Victoria Street, National Library Building, Singapore. It will start on May 31 and it will end on June 8, 2013. You can choose to pay S$40.00, S$35.00 and S$30.00. Buy tickets now so you can choose the best seat. See your ticket for more information about screening times.

Of Babies and People

It is a play that discusses the issues and stories of life, love, parenthood and surrogacy. The play will commence on May 25, 2013 at the Gardens by the Bay, Supertree.

There are more to come. Just wait for it, be patient and when it is there, support it.