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Types of Online Advertising Platforms

As written in our last article about the benefits of online advertising. You might be more interested now in venturing online to reach your customers. Great news is that there are many different kinds of online advertising platforms ranging from search engines, social media, website advertising, directory advertising etc for you to choose from. We will go into detail of each of them here.


1) Search Engines
The most popular search engine is Google which controls over 70% of the world’s search market share followed by Yahoo of 21%, MSN Bing of 7% and the remaining formed up by small search engines. There are 2 main types of advertising on search engines namely Search Engine Marketing (SEM) also known as Pay-per Click Advertising (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEM is where your ads appear as sponsored results in google search result pages. SEM will cost you money each time someone clicks on your ad listing. SEO on the other hand is where your website ranks in the organic search result pages through online marketing efforts, website optimisation, credibility, trust and authority. Being ranked in organic results would result in searchers clicking on your listing and you do not have to pay a cent. However there is a lot of work to be done on the back scenes such as getting webmasters to link back to your site.


2) Forum Marketing
This is another cheap yet effective way of marketing. Simply search in Google for forums that are related to your industry, participate in that forum, gain trust and then you can start recommending your own products in your forum signature links. You can also open new threads about your products and services in those forums. It is best to do that after you gain trust of the members there else they will list you as a spammer.

3) MSN Marketing
MSN is another great way to market your services. You can organise a competition for your friends to write your URL on their msn nickname and there will be a few lucky winners. Try this out for a quick effective way of getting traffic to your website. This kind of traffic may not convert well, but they do help greatly to get your website known to the world.


Next up, we will cover more on Social Marketing such as Facebook, Myspace etc.