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Turn From Sweaty to Cutie with These Post-Workout Grooming Tips


Looking fresh and put-together when you step off the treadmill is as challenging as when you step off a long-haul flight. If you hit the gym before going to work, your post-workout grooming routine is the only thing that will save you from showing up in the office looking like a hot mess. So here’s a quick grooming guide to ensure you’re looking your best the even after hours of squats and deadlifts at the gym.


  1. Cool Down

To regulate body temperature and calm down the flushness on the face, splash cold water on your face, neck, and wrists. You can also do a quick shower to freshen up your entire body.

  1. Quick Detox

The latest flash facial gels are designed to cleanse the pores and infuse the skin with instant plumping properties like Vitamin C. Massage a dime-size amount of product onto the face for a minute, then rinse with cool water.

  1. The 5-Minute Makeover

Apply blur cream to quickly even out skin tone. If there are still imperfections peeking through, spot conceal with your favourite concealer. Don’t forget to set with powder, and apply tinted lip balm.


  1. De-Stink

Take care of the pits by using an antiperspirant. If you got seriously sweaty from a hardcore workout session, try this proven-and-tested trick: Spray anti-perspirant into the air and walk through it. The light, even coat of the product will keep you dry all day.

  1. Tame the Mane

Before hitting the gym, make sure to throw in a can f dry shampoo into your gym bag. Work the product through the roots to get rid of oiliness and add volume to your hair. Then, twist your hair into a top knot, and conceal the sweaty hairline with a wrap or a headband.

  1. Cologne Over Perfume

After fixing yourself, splash a bit of cologne to cancel out sweaty smell. Avoid perfumes, though, as they smell much stronger and may counteract with your body’s natural smell. Colognes have much milder scents and are alcohol-based, making them more appropriate choice for post-workout grooming.

Morning gym sessions may be the only way to keep up with a healthy lifestyle, especially to those people with busy schedules every single day, but that doesn’t mean it’s unattainable to look presentable in the office. Keep in mind these quick post-workout grooming basics, and you’ll leave the gym looking effortlessly gorgeous every single time.