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Travelling Like We Are One of Them  


We travel not just to see the sights but to experience the culture. In fact, if we can, we would like to stay for a couple of weeks to thoroughly immerse ourselves in the new city and its culture. The best way to immerse and experience their culture is to hang out with the locals.


If we have friends around, it would be easier to immerse ourselves but if we do not have any friends, hanging out will be difficult. Here are some ways that we can encourage friendship and being one of them:

  • Visit where they hang out: The first thing that we have to do is visit where they hang out and make friends from there. If there is a need to hop from one bar or restaurants, we have to do it. The good news is that there are many applications that we can download to help us identify local spots for hang out.


  • Eat with them: This is not so difficult. We will enjoy the dishes if we know where it originated. Eating with locals can give us insight unlike eating alone in the restaurant.
  • Stay with them: Not all Singaporeans know about couch surfing but it has become a trend for travellers these days. Couch surfing will give us the opportunity to stay with a family and finally observe the inner workings of the society. Of course, we need to be cautious in choosing the right “couch”.
  • Getting involved: If we are in the place with community festivals, we have to get involved and join the community. We will feel like we are one of them if we go to the festival and go out for entertainment. We should not limit ourselves.