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Tips on How to Develop a Regular Reading Habit

Reading can be a very worthwhile activity to spend your off-days and free time with. Setting aside the required book reports we have to submit for school, a good book can actually teach us in ways we could never fathom possible. It can offer us lifelong lessons along with a glimpse beyond our daily mundane lives. While we are swamped with paper works, we can always find a quick escape in reading.

However, reading can be a habit which is hard to get into — especially if you’re not that interested in the book you’re reading or if you are basically forcing yourself through it. The good news is: there are a number of ways to cultivate a regular reading habit. This article will present a few practical tips which can help you become a bibliophile.

1. Allot time in the day for reading
It is understandable how our tight schedule leaves us little to no room for recreational activities. But even if we are swamped with tasks, projects, and other commitments, spending as brief as 15 minutes each day for reading can already pave the way. It is ideal to put it in your schedule so you won’t forget. You can read even on the commute on your way to work, too.

2. Find your quiet, reading place
A quiet place can be very conducive for reading. Find a corner in your house where you can sit comfortably and enjoy reading without any interruptions. To minimize distractions, stay away from the television or computer. Keep distance from your noisy roommates or family members, as well. It is important that you find yourself comfortably in your reading place, hence if you can’t find one peaceful corner in your house then you may create one.

3. Create a reading list
If you don’t know where to start, it is best to conduct a little research on authors or genres you are interested in. Figuring out what you like will increase your chances at devoting time to read. Start by making a list filled with interesting books and short stories, but don’t pressure yourself as you work your way through it. Read at your own preferred pace.

4. Turn it into a pleasurable experience
Reading can turn to be your favorite time of the day especially if you turn it into something pleasurable. For one, you can always accompany yourself with tea or coffee while you read. You can also indulge on sweet treats. Envelope yourself with a blanket while reading to make the experience cozy. Or better yet, read while enjoying a quick stroll at the park or at the beach.

5. Minimize distractions
Sometimes, we are all too busy watching TV or browsing the internet to even read. While cutting back on these activities may seem hard to most people, doing so will give you more time for reading. You can even gain additional hours of reading time from refraining to do these distractions!