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Tips in Handling Difficult Estate Clients

Having to deal with difficult clients is actually a common problem or incident in any business that you get into even if it’s in Singapore. In fact, experiencing difficult clients is quite common especially in the field of the estate and property management since most of the clients in this field of business tend to be quite emotional and as a managing agent, the only thing that you can do is to be patient with them. To help you, here are some tips that can aid you in effectively dealing and handling difficult clients:


1. Listen to your clients. One of the common and biggest mistakes that most managing agent do is that they don’t listen to what their client really has to say. When your client seem to be express any feeling of frustration or anger on the phone, keep in mind that this is not really directed at you and that you shouldn’t really take it personally. Most people would just want to voice out their feelings and what they really want and the best way that you can do would be to listen to the things that they have to say. Let them talk without any interruption to avoid any more problems.

2. Repeat what you client said. One important factor for you to become a good listener is to let the person that you’re talking to that you are really listening to what she or he is saying. A good way to do it is by acknowledging the things that your client is trying to say and show that you actually care about the things that he or she is saying. You can also get more knowledge by reading up on estate info in singapore to have a better understanding. After your client has voiced out the things that he wants to say, try restating some of the key points that the client has said. Doing this can also help in clarifying any confusion that you have about what has been said.


3. Practice the “feel, felt and found” method. Doing the said method can really help you in dealing with a difficult client. Try to acknowledge and validate the feelings of your client. This is actually a key step to calm down and find some relief for your client. After that, you can try setting up a meeting with them to fully understand and grasp the idea of what they really want to do. You can also do your own research based on what you understood with what your client told you and propose the ideas that you came up with during your meeting with them.

4. Find out as to what your client really needs. It is given that some of your clients would rant and ramble themselves to the point that it would be difficult for you to figure out what their real problem is. But you can actually do something about this by politely cutting them off and ask as to what you can possibly do to help them with their property management problems so that you can come up with a solution that can be beneficial for both of you.

5. Don’t let any of your clients abuse you. As a managing agent in the field of property management, there would be times when you will get to face an abusive client but it’s also said that such act should not be tolerated. Intolerance of such behavior doesn’t really mean that you’re unprofessional. You can still act professional while informing your client that you won’t tolerate his or her abusive behavior. You can also call your boss and inform him if ever such incident would occur and have him talk with the client instead.


Having difficult clients can really be stressful but how things might end up with this kind of client would entirely depend on how you’ll deal with and handle not just your clients but also yourself, your boss and also your company.