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There is Always Something for You

Singapore supports and promotes different music genres. Regardless of your genre, there is always something good for you. You can begin by considering the following list:

Indian Classical Music

Indian Classical Music is considered the world’s oldest form of music. It is different from other genre because it stresses melody and the faltering nature of notes. The beginnings of Indian Classical Music were seen in the era of tribal chants and Vedic hymns.   You can choose from the two distinct divisions of Indian Music- Carnatic and Hindusthani. The type of music and the basic concepts for the two divisions are very similar but you should look out for the musical invocation and the presentation. The invocation and presentation determine the difference of the two divisions.

Tong Ming Xi Gallery

If you are into string instruments, you should head to Tong Ming Xi Gallery. Tong Ming Xi is a Master Luthier that established a repair and restoring shop for string instruments. He also offers a service like no other-he will help you find the right instrument.

The gallery displays and sells superior antique European cellos, violas and violins. It is located in One Commonwealth. They are open from Monday-Friday (10AM to 7PM) and Saturday (10AM to 4PM). You can visit their website at

Folk Music

Folk Music here in Singapore is diverse like its people. There are Indian dances, Chinese folk music and Malay folk music. Whatever you choose, you will surely appreciate folk music and what it tries to depict.

If you are still looking for something to listen, there are others that you can consider. For instance you can consider the performances of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra or Singapore Symphony Orchestra. There’s Malay Music. For more information, you can check local listings or performance schedules.