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The Next Top Entertainment Destination in Southeast Asia

There is so much more in Marina Bay Sands Casino that makes it a possible top entertainment destination in Southeast Asia.

Try Your Luck

Since its grand launching in 2010, Marina Bay Sands Casino has become the place of interest for Singaporeans who want to try their luck. In fact, just a few weeks after the casino’s opening, a few British sports cars have been given away to the luckiest winners of the Mystery Car Jackpot. Gambling remains to be a very active and much-enjoyed activity in Marina Bay Sands Casino.

Casino Facilities

1,600 slot machines, almost 500 gaming tables and over 30 private gaming rooms are all enclosed in the 15,000-square-metre casino. All electronic gaming machines are the newest and most popular throughout the world. The chandelier in the main gaming floor is made up of over 130,000 Swarovski crystals and is the largest in the world.

Be Amazed with a Panoramic View of the City

When luck is not on your side, don’t be upset. Instead, head to the Sands SkyPark and get ready to be in awe of what you will see. People love it in the Sands SkyPark as they can see picturesque city panoramas, while enjoying a glass of Martini in one of the rooftop clubs. Even if luck was not with you earlier, entertainment in this part of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel will bring back the good vibes in you.

Resort Facilities

The resort complex consists of three 55-storey towers, with every tower connected to the Sands SkyPark that is 200 metres high. The Sands SkyPark offers a 360-degree aerial view of the city. The resort complex also boasts tropical gardens, nightclubs, restaurants and an outdoor infinity pool that is 150 metres long.