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The Great Escape to Singapore’s Busy City

Almost all as foreign visitors most especially locals are choosing the Holland Village as their well-liked shopping destination. Aside that it is that is offers variety of items; it is also a place for relaxation and a perfect bonding site for family and friends. On the other hand, for some visitors, you don’t need to explore the entire city and for something cool because Holland Village is simply one of t he best places to go in Singapore.


Holland Village is a shopping center that provides a wide selection of shopping items as well as entertainment to avoid boredom and have a nice vacation in this lovely country. No need to worry for its location because it is only near the metropolis. In fact, it is just a 10-inute ride from Orchard Road (one of the most visited sites in Singapore).


In the place, you can find Along Lorong Mambong – an establishment that has classy restaurants and elegant wine pubs with their diverse variety of music. Also, present here are the coffee shops wherein you can sip a cup of what they call pulled tea or locally known as teh tarik. In addition, you can also get wet not by their bars and nightclubs but in their wet market. Literally, you will be wet with the different meats and poultry that is sold in the market. To fully enjoy the Holland Village, there are also antique stores. The relic shop here is something that is worth visiting.