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The Countries with Emerging Obesity Problems


The Singapore government is encouraging its people to live healthy and stay away from obesity. Obesity should be fought and it starts with one’s lifestyle. There are many activities here that promote healthy living but not all people appreciate it. It is time that you consider living healthy. But before anything else, it can benefit you knowing the countries with obesity problems.


The recent survey conducted by Social Progress Index, identified 2015’s fattest countries in the world. The index revealed more than numbers but it also looked into the cultural attitudes of people with regards to obesity around the world. The countries with the most obese people are:

  1. Kuwait

With the coming of American fast foods, Kuwait is considered the number one country with the most obese people. About 42.8% of people in Kuwait are obese. In fact, World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that about 70% of Kuwaiti men and 80% of women above fifteen years old are obese.

  1. Saudi Arabia

Next to Kuwait is Saudi Arabia with 35.2% obese people. This is no longer a surprise since Forbes already declared Saudi Arabia number 29 in the last 2007 survey. Because of the oil wealth and influx of American fast foods, there is no surprise that Saudi Arabia is one of the countries with the most obese people.

  1. Belize

Belize is a country in Central America. According to the survey, about 34.9% of the people here are obese. Belize is a new addition and it is surprising that it rose to number three.


  1. Egypt

Egypt is famous for its pyramids and historical importance but now, the country is also known as one of the countries with the most obese people with 34.5% of its population. It does not end there because Egypt is also known to have the highest diabetes rates in the world.

  1. Jordan

Jordan is another country in the Middle East with 34.5% of its population, obese. More women here are obese because of unemployment. Factors like early marriage, wealth and smoking are associated with obesity in Jordan.

Other countries that are included in the index include United Arab Emirates (about 33.7% of its population), South Africa (with 33.5% of its population), Qatar (with 33.1% of its population), Mexico (with 32.8% of its population), Bahrain (with 32.6% of its population) and more.

If you notice, most of the countries are from Asia particularly in the Middle East region. These countries should act to save the population from untimely death brought about by obesity.