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The Best Cities for Cheap Dates  


We are living in a world where everything is determined in monetary value. Even when dating someone, it entails money. If we do not have money, we cannot take our special someone to different places and enjoy. We have to look for a place that offers cheap dates.


Now, we all know that Singapore is the most expensive city in the world so definitely this is not the best place for cheap dates. Singapore is famous for luxurious dates and grand events. If we have money, we could splurge our special someone here.

If we are not in the luxury to splurge, we have to know the best places for cheap dates. According to an annual survey published by the Deutsche Bank, Indian cities are the best place for cheap dates. Note that the Deutsche Bank’s idea of “cheap date” is a movie, McDonalds and couple of drinks. If this is our idea of “cheap date” as well, Indian cities are definitely for us.


Deutsche Bank also identified Kuala Lumpur as the most affordable city for weekend high-end getaway. A weekend high-end getaway (couple of nights at 5 star hotels) in Kuala Lumpur costs only $480.20. For the world’s most expensive dates, Australia is at the top spot. For a weekend getaway in Sydney, it costs $2, 164.

Deutsche Bank also named countries with the most expensive products or goods. For example, a pair of jeans in China (like Levi’s 501) is more expensive than in Paris. An iPhone is more expensive in Brazil than in United States.