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Why is There a Need to Stop Drinking?


The government is certain why you should stop drinking. With this, the government is seeking for public feedbacks on (1) shortened alcohol selling hours and (2) no alcohol zones. The feedbacks are encouraged by MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs) and REACH (government’s feedback channel). Let it be known that the consultation started on November 25 and it will end on December 31, 2013.

The government simply wants to curb alcohol related aggression and violent outbursts at public places which can endanger other people. Apart from aggression and violent outbursts, intoxication can also lead to littering and noise pollution. You need to stop drinking and sober up. Here are the reasons why you need to stop drinking:

1.       Improve the quality of your life

If you are an alcoholic, you will not notice that all things are slowly drifting apart. Your health is not good, your relationships are not doing well, your career is at its brink and your emotional well being is not stable. Alcohol is like a self destruct button. If you stop drinking, you will surely improve everything.

2.       Live long and happy


No doubt that quitting alcohol can improve your health so you can live long. It was mentioned earlier that your relationships, career and emotional well being is at risk. If you stop drinking, you will surely feel happy, contented and blissful. You will put your life back and live it the best way possible.

3.       Save money

When you drink countless of bottles, countless of money will vanish. Drinking is a big hurdle in when you are talking about your earning potential. If you stop drinking, there is no doubt that you can save more money. You can have more time to be productive and you can spend your money on other important things.

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