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Singapore Painting Contractor Advises on Home Painting Online

Hiring a Singaporean painting service contractor online to paint your HDB or Condo is not as easy as it seems. There are many aspects to it other than the paint job itself, and one of them is protection of your furniture. If not properly protected, there is a high chance that your assets would have drips or small splashes of paint on them. This is a common item of negligence for most people, but it is also one of the most important. If your painting contractor does not provide asset protection, you will probably have to purchase your own at DIY stores in Singapore.


Firstly, when painting housing interiors, how will your furniture be protected? Good painting contractors will first move furniture out of the way so that they do not block the way during the painting process. Then, they would usually provide large pieces of plastic protective sheets to cover your furniture. For a 5 room HDB flat, normally 3-5 sheets are needed. Make sure that all areas are properly covered, you would not want to have droplets of paint on a small area of your sofa after the painting is done! If you intend to get your house exterior painted, be sure to cover your flooring, potted plants and other objects. Otherwise, you may spot some spots on your beloved flowers!


As for warranty protection, there are some great Singapore painting service providers who offer 1 or 2 years of warranty on their paint jobs. Try to go for a company which offers this extra form of protection, and ask whether it covers materials and labor, or just labor itself. Request to know the duration of the warranty, and what will happen if there is paint failure. Just like purchasing a laptop, you would want a peace of mind that it will be able to last through at least that guaranteed warranty period. It is the same for painting as well. Choosing a good Singapore painting contractor will provide you with that security that there will not be exorbitant charges for subsequent repainting work as well.