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Simple Techniques to Memorize Better and Faster

Whether it’s for a business speech, a presentation for school, or even some math formulas for a test, you have to use different techniques so that you can memorize your material properly. The thing is though, there are methods that can be much more efficient than others. So, let’s cut to the chase and check out some simple techniques that can help you memorize better and faster.


There are numerous advantages to recording yourself when memorizing. One is that you’ll rely on your own ears instead of looking at your copy. Let’s say you start memorizing a short paragraph in the speech. If you keep looking at the copy to read out what you just forgot, you might get used to that. So when you take the stage, you’ll just mess up because you don’t have a visual cue anymore. Another advantage is that you can force it in your subconscious. Some believe that when you listen to the recording while you sleep, you’ll remember the material better because it’s replayed again and again in your subconscious.

Write the material repeatedly

This tip can be more helpful if you actually memorized some lines of your material already. Instead of just speaking those memorized lines, it might help to write them down as well. And not just that, write them down again and again! This way, you’ll get to pay extra attention to what you’re saying as you can check if the words are correct as you write them down. If you think about it too, you’ll notice that you will have an easier time memorizing something while writing it down compared to just speaking it. You get to train your eyes, mouth, and ears by doing this as well.

Do a simulation using your surroundings

While practicing or even when you’re still trying to memorize some lines take advantage of your surroundings. If you’re making a presentation in a classroom, for example, try to memorize inside the classroom itself or somewhere close to it. By doing this you’re already readying yourself for the actual presentation as early as possible. Plus, you allow yourself to get comfortable with the venue by doing this. You’ll definitely have an easier time during the actual presentation. 

Teach or present it to someone

Let’s say you’re trying to memorize some important mathematical formulas for a test. One great way to test yourself on how much you’ve memorized is to teach the material to a companion. You can also try to make a test out of it for the other person to answer. By doing this, you’ll gain a better understanding of the material you have to memorize. Simply put, when you have a thorough understanding of something, you’ll be able to memorize it better and a lot quicker.