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SCDF Intensifying Efforts in Saving Lives

Singaporeans will feel safer and less anxious now knowing that the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) is intensifying its efforts in saving lives. The SCDF will expand its capabilities to ensure that all Singaporeans will get the help they need during emergencies or difficult times. There are many technologies or initiatives introduced in the force.



Here are some initiatives in place for SCDF:

  • CPR mobilisation: Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) mobilisation is a smartphone application. The fact that it is a smartphone application makes it portable and easy to handle. Details will be provided soon.   
  • Defibrillators registry: Like CPR mobilisation, Defibrillators registry is also a smartphone application. You can install it in your phone and use it when the need arises. This app is useful when you are trying to look for the nearest Automated External Defibrillators.


  • Fire fighting rescue vehicles: SCDF is proud to announce at the Annual Workplan Seminar that there will be unmanned fire fighting rescue vehicles provided. The vehicle can reduce the deaths of fire fighters. It can serve as a bulldozer or forklift if the circumstances ask for it.   
  • Fire bikers: Fire bikers of SCDF will begin carrying oxygen tank and mask to increase the survival rates of cardiac arrest patients.

You will think that these things are simple but you will not realize its importance until you’ve encountered an emergency. Simple as they are, they are a big help in increasing the chances of survival. If you want to help big time, you can join the force. If you do not want to join the force but you want to learn saving lives, you should join trainings.