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Reading Fiction: A Way to Happiness and Creativity?

A lot of people opt to read fiction over other genres of literature. While it is primarily based on the author’s imagination, it allows the readers to be submerged onto the world that was created in between the pages of the book. As a reader, you also somehow become a part of the story that was unfolding with every chapter. You empathize with the characters, and sometimes even view them as friends you never had.

There are reasons why fiction is an appealing read to most audiences. For one, it becomes a creative escape from reality. It can range from mundane to mythical, which involves unicorns, dragon-slaying heroes, and other legendary elements— with the sky as the limit. It allows readers to explore other worlds even if these stories exist only in one’s imagination. Aside from that, there are also other reasons as to why reading fiction can be beneficial for you.

1. It expands our experiences and world view
The thing with fiction is that it allows us to experience adventures and situations which expands beyond the mundane life. Even if it exists only in our minds, we are able to visualize these mythical worlds accordingly. We get to experience other people’s lives (even if they are fictional) and with that, we also enrich the way we view the world.

2. We gain empathy
Since we put ourselves in the shoes of some characters when we read fiction, we grow our capacity for empathy in the process. We begin to understand why these characters have made various decisions in their lives and what pushed them to do so in the first place. A lot of factors come to play in analyzing each character which enables us to understand people better.

3. It makes us appreciate human experiences more
Fiction retells mundane life narratives in such a manner that makes us appreciate them better. Through beautiful, detailed descriptions, it gives depth to the things we usually take for granted and these images intensify the way we experience the world surrounding us.

4. Reading fiction effectively reduces stress
Even if we get carried away by the thrilling events unfolding in fiction books at times, reading fiction is actually an effective way to reduce stress levels. It is on par with other activities such as taking a brisk walk or listening to your favorite playlist. Reading fiction works wonders in easing the body’s stress because it diverts the mind to concentrate on another distraction.

5. Fiction improves our vocabulary and language
Because of the creative nature of fiction, it is not a surprise to find flowery expressions, literary devices, and metaphors embedded in these stories. The more we read them, the more we adapt a vocabulary and form of language which can help us express ourselves better. Learning a greater variety of words also allows us to connect with others more.