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Opening a Barbecue Catering Business in Singapore

Most people, if not all, love eating barbecue. Any kind of barbecue has a taste that’s hard to resist, not to mention the smell of it adds to its deliciousness. A barbecue catering, therefore, is one good business venture that you can attempt trying. If you have a passionate palate to make tasty barbecue recipes, you might want to start making money out of those.

Obtain Legal Requirements

When you decide to put up a barbecue catering business in Singapore, you need to comply with certain requirements set by the Singapore government with regards to starting new businesses. Also check for certain policies and regulations by the health and taxation departments in order to make your business official and legal. Make sure you obtain a business license to abide by the law.

Create Tasty Barbecue Recipes

After securing a business license and other legal requirements, you’re good to go for the next detail on your guidelines. Start creating delicious barbecue recipes. Your barbecue menu should be something new and unique to make your business stand out from the others. You don’t have to make a lot of recipes at once. Perhaps you can start with two or three original recipes, and these are the ones that you’ll push in the market. Also, take note of the prices of the ingredients and from where can you buy them the cheapest.

Cook with a Portable Smoker

Once you have created your original recipes and have done price enquiry from various suppliers, the next thing to consider is the portable smoker where you will grill your barbecue. Portable smokers that are sold in the market can either be electric or charcoal. There are also towable and portable grills, which can be advantageous on your part since you can do the grilling anywhere you wish to, while there are also installed grills. When you’re done with calculating your total expenses to start your barbecue catering business, the next thing for you to identify for the bbq catering are the prices of your food and service. How much will your barbecue catering for a certain event be? You have to put in mind that your prices should not appear to be unaffordable for the ordinary people as you would like to market your barbecue catering service to everyone the soonest possible time. Facebook allows anyone to create a fan page for any type of business. As the owner of a starting business, you want to maximize your available resources to avoid unnecessary, additional expenses. For your advertising needs, you can create a fan page for your barbecue catering business. Be sure that important information about your business can be found in the page. These includes price details and contact number. Once you have catered for a specific event, it is also best if you let everyone know how well it went. In that way, you can draw more interest from other barbecue lovers.