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Not the Drinking Culture But the Drink Culture

Anything that you would love to drink is in this exceptional drinking bar in Singapore. Situated at Kreta Ayer Road is the overwhelming ambiance of Drink Culture. After all the tour in the metro and eating some chow along the famous destinations of the country, one should not miss Drink culture.


Similar to many pubs, Drink Culture is a bar that boast off it variety of cocktails which can be customized by its customers. Apart from making our most5 favorable drink, you’ll never regret the ingredient that they are using here because only the freshest substances are mixed with the beverages.

One extraordinary and a trademark drink at Drink Culture is the chocolate flambé martini. Imagine a self-indulgent chocolate dessert that has been dissolved and made into liquid. You’ll probably want this whether it’s the first time you have tasted it. Actually, one glass of this signature drink would make anyone feel its savory and delightful drink. Purely, one can say that this drink is truly worth consuming.


On the other hand, if you want some unique kick, you can choose to drink their premium champagnes and an array of superior fine spirits. With what the drinks that the pub is offering, it is clearly seen that Drink Culture is one classy bar in Singapore.

What’s more is that the establishment was created by a talented and a multi-awarded concept designer who is Riston Foo. Foo design the bar in a Victorian style. In fact, it has some peculiar details like a hand-painted drawing but it’s cool.

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