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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty – Solution to Better Looking Nose

If you badly need and want a nose job, but thinking of the invasive procedure frightens and turns you off, you can opt for a non-surgical nose job instead of the traditional rhinoplasty surgery in SIngapore. You can go for this medical approach if you want to reshape your nose or correct problems brought by certain abnormalities or irregularities. By using fillers, nose problems will be corrected with a simple injection. The procedure is utilized to even out nasal surface and reshape any deformities in a couple of minutes and only requires almost no recovery period.


How Is It Done?

A non-surgical rhinoplasty starts by injecting anesthesia into the nose, fifteen minutes before the fillers are injected. Once the anesthesia takes its effect, derma fillers are injected to the nose at certain areas in order to alter the shape or camouflage the obvious flaws. The whole Singapore nose fillers procedure from astique clinic procedure only takes less than an hour to complete and is done while the patient is awake so he or she will have complete control of where the fillers should be injected.

What Type of Filler Is Used?

Non-surgical rhinoplasty fillers are mostly executed with the use of FDA-approved dermal filler Radiesse. This injectable is best known to minimize visibilities of plumping lips and wrinkles, but aesthetic surgeons found out that it could be an ideal solution for non-surgical rhinoplasty as well. Radiesse is a gel-like formula made of calcium and phosphate ions, reducing any risk or infection and allergic reaction.


Who Can Undergo Non-Surgical Nose Jobs?

Anybody can have a non-surgical nose job. This is an excellent alternative if you’re looking for fast, satisfying outcomes, and aiming to reshape your nose without the invasive processes. Most patients see visit an aesthetic clinic or nasal surgeon to correct minor imbalances of the nose, such like bulges and bumps. However, if you’re aiming for major nasal alterations, like nose reduction, then the 15-minute procedure isn’t the best method for you. Also, teens are not advisable to take this procedure as their nose structure has not yet developed fully. Other nasal conditions that non-surgical rhinoplasty can correct are:

• off-center or slightly crooked nose
• flat bridge
• a hook or bump on the bridge of the nose
• asymmetrical nose
• dents or hallows along the nose
• droopy nose tips
• minor nose shape problems

What are the Benefits of This Procedure?

Traditional rhinoplasty is still one of the most favorable cosmetic procedures by many individuals in Singapore. However, more and more Singapore patients are concerned of the long-term effects and potential complications of the extensive procedure, not to mention the price of the surgery itself. Though non-surgical nose job is not as permanent, the procedure is suited for people, who want the same reshaping results of rhinoplasty safely and quickly, without the black eyes, with only minimal bruises, and the ability for further alterations if necessary. Lastly, it doesn’t require patients to follow strict recovery plan. A patient’s regular activities can be resumed on the next day, or even as soon as the treatment is completed.