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Matching Your Hairstyle with the Shape of Your Face  


You realize that you need a new haircut when you look at the mirror. Yes, that happens instantaneously. Perhaps that is a good thing because new hairstyles will add appeal and zing if only you give it a try. You should feel glad to look different. Many Singaporeans want a new hairstyle but the problem is they do not know what to consider.


The good news is that there are many hair stylists here in Singapore. They can help since they are trained to make the best out of you but sometimes, they really do not know what you prefer. Sometimes, you need to decide on your own because you only know what is best for you.

Realizing that you need a new hairstyle is one step to looking better. Actually, finding the best hairstyle is not rocket science. With few tricks, you can look better than ever. You may be tempted to try many hairstyles donned by celebrities but before following their trend, you have to think of the shape of your face.

The shape of the face defines the best hairstyle for you. You have to remember that hairstyles can either alleviate your beauty or it can drag you lower. The face of your shape will serve as your foundation for whatever haircut you consider. A good haircut in the long run can emphasize your cheekbones, lips and eyes.

So, here are the shapes and what hairstyles to consider:

  • For women with oval-shaped face: Truth is, the ideal face shape is oval because of its versatility. If you have oval-shaped face, you have to maximize it. Oval-shaped face will highlight your features equally. Any hairstyle will do for oval-shaped face women.
  • For women with round-shaped face: For women with round-shaped face, they tend to look younger than other people because of their soft edges from the forehead to the chin not to mention their full and wide cheeks. The best hairstyles for round-shaped face should create length and height.


  • For women with heart-shaped face: Hairstyles for women with heart-shaped face should balance the chin and the jawline. Curls and waves would be great.


  • For square-shaped face: For women with square-shaped face, they are deemed as bold, confident and strong. Sleek hairstyles can be considered and if you want to soften the angles, curls and waves will be good.


  • For long-shaped face: Many long-shaped people just play it safe when it comes to hairstyle because they are not confident of their large chin and forehead. You have to try curls and waves since it can counterbalance the long shape.