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Live Freshwater Plants for Your Aquarium

Keeping live aquarium plants seems like extra work, but they will help create a better environment for your fish and produce an overall better water quality.

Benefits of Live Aquarium Plants

Having live aquarium plants not only enhances the appearance of the tank, but also provides a lot of benefits for your fish.

  1. Aeration: Plants can serve as substitutes for airpumps and airstones, because they can provide the fish with oxygen as well as absorb the excess carbon dioxide.
  2. Filtration: Plants can also supplement the filters that are supposed to remove the waste, heavy metals, and other residue in the tank. They can also serve as home to bacteria which will add another type of water filtration.
  3. Algae Reduction: Algae can be a problem in tanks, but with live plants, the excess light and nutrients are used practically by the plants.
  4. Protection: Plants can also serve as barriers and protection for your fish. They will help create a natural environment for your pets and contribute to overall tank health.

Requirements for Aquarium Plants

Your aquarium plants need an ideal water condition in order to thrive. Take note of the following when setting up the tank.

  1. Water Temperature: 70 to 80 degrees F for most plants
  • pH Level: 6.5 to 7.5 for most plants
  • Lighting: 2 to 3-watt LED for aquariums; expose the plants to light for a minimum of 12 hours daily
  • Others: fluorite or eco-complete substrates; soft water hardness for tropical plants, and hard water for most aquatic plants

Aquarium Plants for Beginners

These are the 10 aquarium plants that are easy to grow.

  1. Java moss – This is a low-maintenance plant that can tolerate most types of lighting.
  2. Water wisteria – This grows fast and can be used as a carpet in front of the tank.
  3. Amazon sword – This is usually planted at the back of the tank because it can grow up to 20 inches.
  4. Anubias nana – It grows up to 6 inches and is a low-maintenance plant.
  5. Bacopa – It has a slow growth rate, but it doesn’t need a lot of attention.
  6. Brazilian pennywort – It can be grown either as a floating plant or a rooted plant.
  7. Guppy grass – This plant grows quickly and is easy to care for. It can also provide fish a place to hide and can even be placed as a floating plant.
  8. Moneywort – Also called Brahmi, it can be grown fully submersed or partially. It has a tough stem that can grow up to 12 inches or longer.
  9. Pellia – This plant can be attached to rock or driftwood and is quite easy to grow.
  10. Rotala indica – Also called Indian toothcup, it is a mid-ground aquatic plant that has stems that can grow above the water surface.