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Is Branding Important?

Misconception No 2 is similar to No 1 – most SMEs assume that branding can be done later
when they have more resources. I think this is due to a misinterpretation of branding – that it
is what you can see on the exterior, i.e. the company’s motto, motif designs and their vision
and identity.


In fact, branding begins much earlier, with looking for what the market needs, the advantages
that the product and services possess and how they can meet those needs to make their
marketing appealing to the target audience. It also involves the direct competition and their
strategy to prevent a duplication so that to be unique. The logo, colours chosen, packaging are
simply apparent extensions of the chosen marketing strategy.


They are essential in letting the target audience find out more about the brand and therefore
enable a business edge against the competition, right from the very start of the business.
Creative for example, has learnt how critical branding is the hard way, losing in terms of
market share to Apple which has a more uniform and unique branding approach.

Interacting to your target audience through the internet, flyers or even advertising is the
next step. This is another step that every single company goes through anyway to spread
awareness and build business opportunities. Expressing what your brand is about so that your
target audience is ‘pulled’ in by your marketing and choose your brand is done by all these
outlets like a company website and brochures.


To ensure that your business succeeds in the market, all these steps are needed regardless if
you have a consistent branding approach. Using branding in the right way makes sure that
there is a clear and concise message that comes across giving a helping hand in making your
business stand out among the competition.