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Introducing: The Whole30 Program


There have been many diet programs in the market these days – all claiming effective but we see many diet trends come and go. There is however a diet program that is making waves online. It is called Whole30 Program. Not all Singaporeans heard about this diet program so it is timely to discuss what you need to know about it.

Whole30 program is created by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig – sports nutritionists. Their concept is simple: cut all alcohol, sugar, processed foods, dairy and grains for thirty days to reset palate. There should be no slip ups. Many patients claimed that the diet changed taste buds and eliminate their cravings.

Melissa and Dallas only mean well but many dieticians would beg to differ. Dieticians said that the elimination diet would lead to physical transformation of taste buds zeroing cravings. The truth is that cravings are not related to taste. Remember that when eating, neurotransmitters release hormones that stimulate the brain’s pleasure centres causing the cravings. When you indulge in this 30 day program, you are merely changing your habits.

According to the latest study published in American Journal Clinical Nutrition, cutting sugar will in fact make sweet foods taste even better. In other words, if you love chocolates before you indulge in the diet, you will still love it after the 30-day program.


Experts call the program an elimination diet. This kind of elimination diet is not a first and it will not be the last. In this diet, you will eliminate an entire food group. When you eliminate an entire food group, of course you will lose weight. Removing beans or grains for example is not good since you miss out gratifying the body’s need for protein, fibre and other nutrients.

Experts recommend Singaporeans that the best way to train your body to eat healthy is to cut down your portion size. You have to learn how to determine the minimal servings you should eat every day. You should always go back to the old adage: too much of something is bad enough.

Not eating a specific food group in a month can be miserable and the thing is, you do not need to go through with that. You just need to remember not to eat too much and always practice portioning your food and not eating too much. Now this is a challenge. It is hard to portion but if you want to be healthy as a bull, you have to do this but never try the elimination diet.