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Health Screening Recommended for Women

In Singapore, there are recommended tests for health screening in which all women need to consider for running into the awareness of their physical condition so as with long life. (Women have different diseases they should also be aware of.) All of these analyses may not simply apply for all women. The only thing is that, four of those tests simply apply for all women of different ages.

If you would like to know more about the health screening packages singapore for women, here are some of the tests that you should know. You may also recommended to your higher ups to have executive health screening for the employees in your company. This way, you would have the idea of what you should take and why it is so essential for you.

Cholesterol tests – this the most standard test in health screening packages. Most women do not simply believe that they have higher levels of cholesterol and do not simply take the chance of having it checked. For most wo, you need to have your levels of cholesterol checked and you must always take the time to undergo tests for it. For women in singapore, you need to have the check up for about every 5 years, most especially when you turned 35. The only thing is that, if you burn or heart disease is running through your family or have diabetes, you should start going some tests at the age of 20. Whenever you’re overweight, you should get on a check-up whatever your age maybe.

Blood pressure testing – you also need to check for blood pressure for about 2 years. You have to regularly see your doctor for this thing. The machines for testing blood pressure at the spot of the drug store may simply need the calibration and are not very accurate or provide the same accuracy as the one used for health screening packages. The high blood pressure would not have any sort of signs and you would never even know that you have the problem or it is too late and stroke simply cuts you off. (It should be noted that women also have high cases of unhealthy blood pressure, and this is also a standard test in health screening packages for them.

Colorectal cancer tests – regular testing for colorectal cancer needs to start when you had reached 50. There is actually more than one type of check available. Thus, you must never take it a very simple thing. You should just get this thing done. This is a a more specialized test in corporate health screening.

Screening for diabetes – For people who have hypertension or simply have higher levels of cholesterol, doctors in Singapore would be going up for diabetes tests. If you were somewhat overweight, your doctor would be running for this screening event at the same time, as cholesterol screening.