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Gym Mistakes that Might Be Preventing You from Losing Weight

You’ve been going to an ActiveSG gym 5 times a week. You’ve ran hours overall in the treadmill and lifted heavy weights, but when you get back at the weighing scale, you’ve hardly cut your weight. 


Before anything else, there’s one ‘myth’ that many beginners are made to believe on their own. That is, they associate sweat with calories burned. Sweating should not actually be used as a measure of how much calories you’ve burned in your workout simply because they’re not really related. In relation to exercise though, our body temperature rises so we sweat to prevent the body from overheating. It humidifies our skin so that we keep cool. Now that that’s out of the way, here are other mistakes that might be restraining your weight loss.

“Cheat day”

Having cheat days is essential as a reward system when you’re exercising. If you’re bodybuilding, for example, you’re always consuming protein-rich food and avoiding ones full of sugar. A cheat day is a time for you to at least get some sugar into your body to balance out all that was lost. The mistake here comes when you take a cheat day regularly. Only take a cheat day when you’ve actually seen a significant change in your body. There have even been some who took 5-6 months of exercise before taking one.

Lack of focus

You are not maximizing your time at the gym if you’re looking at your phone instead of focusing on your workout, it’s that obvious and simple. You’re always on your phone outside of the gym, so take a break and concentrate on your exercise. Another thing, socializing in the gym is good, but don’t talk too much and too often that you spend more time chitchatting instead of doing your sets. These things are quite simple but can actually go under our radar and silently ruin our efforts.

Sticking to one routine

Sticking to one routine works at the start, but when you stay with it after many weeks, you’re not going to see much change. This is because when you do the same workout over and over, your body gets used to it and sees it as a normal everyday routine. This is why it is important to progress after spending weeks in the gym. Switch up your exercises or increase a workout factor like duration or intensity to keep your body active.

Skipping breakfast

When you’re going to the gym, breakfast is crucial. You may be tempted to think that having one less meal can help with your weight loss efforts, but it’s the complete opposite when you’re talking about breakfast. Having a healthy breakfast can help you avoid snacking on junk food in between meals. It also keeps you energized throughout the day and possibly provide you enough fuel when you work out (in the morning, for example).