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Fat but Fab: Styling Tips for Plus-Size Men

So, you’ve gained extra pounds over the years. Who cares, right? Just because you’ve become bulkier, that doesn’t mean that you should compromise your style and stop looking your best. Remember that handsome comes in all shapes and sizes, and here are some tips that will surely bring out your best features.


  1. Go for clothes that comfortably fits your body. You might be tempted to buy clothing pieces that are in smaller sizes with the hope that it will make you appear smaller, but the opposite isactually true here. Wearing clothes that are too snugly will only make you look bigger. Singapore fashion experts suggest that instead of going for smaller sizes, opt for pieces with that have the right fit, or is a little loose on you.
  1. Coordinate your colours. This is a good advice not just for plus-size men, but for all body shapes and sizes. Although women are the ones who commonly coordinates all aspect of their getup, the same is also important for men, especially when you’re creating an overall good look for yourself.
  1. Choose V-neck sweaters for casual wear. Other than being stylish, V-neck clothing pieces creates an illusion of a smaller neckline and can be all-around flattering.


  1. Avoid bold prints and bright colours. Clothing pieces set in bold prints and bright colours aren’t complementary for bulky guys like you. Instead, go with those that are set in darker shades.Apart from being classy, dark-coloured clothes also provides an illusion of a slimmer built.
  1. Stick with lightweight fabrics. For plus-size men, Singapore fashion experts suggest sticking to clothing pieces made of lightweight fabrics, as thick shirts and blazers aren’t as flattering to the figure as those made of thin and sleek materials.
  1. Dress for the right occasion. Most fat men tend to avoid wearing summer wear, which draws more attention to themselves. Don’t hesitate to bring out those short sleeves in the summer, and don’t be afraid to wear shorts. Summer wears set in solid colours are most flattering for bigger men.
  1. Try wearing a three-button blazer. If you’re planning on sporting a blazer we just that you try out a three button blazer. Although it’s not popular and common, this kind of blazer is especially flattering for larger men.
  1. Opt for pieces with longer hems. Wearing such clothing pieces creates an illusion of elongating your body, giving it a flattering look.


Don’t let your weight decide on how you’ll dress yourself. Just follow the aforementioned styling tips, pick out a decent wardrobe, and see how you can make a better first impression on the people around you, even if you’re not the one with the best body in the place.