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Easy Side Businesses You Can Start On your Own

We love to hear stories about the guy who quit his job and started a business of his own and is now worth millions of dollars. But the reality is, leaving your job to put up your own business is a heck of a gamble—big time gamble. Good thing there are safer ways to earn. Below are four of those:


Blogging has become a very big force in the online community. If you enjoy writing, you can blog about a topic you are passionate about. You just need a stable internet connection, computer and creative ideas. There are also websites or virtual companies that compensate bloggers who have the commitment to consistently write.


Did you top a particular subject in college? Do you enjoy teaching and have patience with kids? Well this might be a good business for you. Establishing this might be hard at first, but you can start by letting your friends know you tutor in a specific topic and get your clients through referrals.

Events Hosting

If you’re the type of person who enjoys public attention, has the confidence and wit to arouse a crowd, then you already have everything you need to launch yourself as a host for events. You just have to keep your lines open for any gigs and invites and interact with a lot of people, and then you can expect some extra cash if people like your work.


If you have a taste of art and passion for baking sweets then this could be a great venue for you to showcase your skills. Learn the art of baking and designing goodies so you can sell it to your friends and get orders for special occasions. Desserts have a very large market. Good taste, connections and sales strategies are just the main ingredients.