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Displaying Your Oil Painting in an Art Gallery

When it comes to finding the right art gallery to display your beautiful oil painting, there are no rules being set. You must be ready to go with the flow. Actually, just like the cold call, you have to check the schedule of the art gallery in Singapore , ensuring, that you aren’t interrupting a big event or mainly a busy time. You should also ensure yourself that you have done your homework and simply familiarized yourself with the art gallery that displays beautiful oil painting pieces. You have to look your best. You may also ask to talk with the director or the owner, yet you have to be informed and simply demonstrate that you truly understand the program of the gallery.

Painting by VinciArts Oil Painting Gallery

You must also let them know the reason why your art work is simply a good match for them to take. Do not also walk with the oil paintings being tucked right under your arm. This may simply look a little desperate. Instead, you could just leave a business card with the information of your website or simply a portfolio for the review. Do not merely overwhelm with much of information and leave them out wanting for more. You must also walk carrying your good attitude and need to be courteous.

Painting by VinciArts Gallery

The look and see – you must also invite your targeted gallery in order to visit the current showing of your own oil painting Singapore portfolio. Most of the artists simply show their artwork and oil painting works at some shows, exhibits, banks, restaurants, frame shops, interior design shops and simply in their own studios. Whenever you are lucky enough to live in such a community with possible gallery for you, this could surely work for you. As a suggestion, you could send them up with the printed invitation comprising your oil paintings images to the director or owner of the art gallery in Singapore, while then following them up with a phone call.

Doing those tips mentioned above could give you the chance to be a good artists, no matter where you are maybe, even in Singapore, you could surely make a name in the industry of arts. Once you have achieved that, you can sell your art pieces and the oil painting that you drew at good prices. Alternatively you can also tie up with some other established art galleries to display your oil paintings for sale but expect to give a high commission value to these art galleries.