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Different Ways to Organize Your Shoe Collection


If you’re living in an apartment, you might not have enough space for a walk-in closet, fabulous though that may be. A neatly organized stack of shoes will save time when you dress up because you don’t have to look for the right pair. Your shoes are also protected from damage and dirt.


Here are some ways to store your favorite collection.

In the Closet. The most practical way of storing your shoes is to keep them in individual boxes so they are stacked neatly in a closet. They save space as well as protect your shoes from damage.


On the Shelf. If you wanna show off, take them out of their boxes then place them on a shelf. It does not take up much space plus you can show your friends how stylish you are.


On the Wall. You can place your shoes by hanging them on the walls. Hang them by the pegs. There are ready-made pegs in the market that you can attach to the wall. Hang high-heeled shoes by their heels.


On the Shoe Rack. Shoe racks are practical and a space saver. You can cover the shoe rack to hide your shoes or place it in a closet. Most shoe racks are made of plastic.


Under the Bed. You can place them under the bed to grab your shoes easily when you dress up. Try something new by using other materials for storage or you can also use the shoe boxes to stack them up neatly.


In Other Storage. Get creative. Place your shoes in things you’re never though of before like a shelf made of cut PVC pipes, old boxes with designs, baskets and chests.

On the Stairs. A great way to display your collection is by utilizing the space on the stairs. Place one pair on every step. Careful not to trip though.


On Slide-Out Racks. They can hold a lot of shoes. Save space and even save time looking for your shoes.


On Organizers. There are wall organizers made of plastic or cloth that you can find in shops. Instead of holding letters and other small items, use these for shoe storage.


Inside Drawers. There are drawers available in shops designed for shoe storage besides racks and shelves.


In Shoe Cabinets. There are cabinets made specifically for shoe storage. They are smaller and take up less space than most closets used for clothes.


In a Lazy Susan. It’s a rotating tray or a turntable. You can make a Lazy Susan storage or buy one in shops.


On the Shelves. There are corners in your house which you can use to build shelves. For example, attach tension rods on the walls where you can place your shoes. You can also create a wooden cubby.


Use Hangers. Modify clothes hangers so your shoes then hang these on a rod or rope by the wall.


Alternate Shoes. To save space on the shelf, try alternating each pair of shoes with one facing backward and the other facing forward.