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Different Types of Wedding Gowns

Aside from the venue, the decorations, and the theme of the wedding, there’s also one thing that you should give importance to in preparing for your wedding – your wedding gown.


In choosing your gown, there are actually some things that you need to consider such as your body shape, its style and design, and the fit of the gown. Singapore wedding gowns should not only compliment your face but your entire figure too.

Here are the 5 most common styles of gowns to give you an idea as to what type of Singapore gown to go for:

The Ball Gown

The Ball Gown is one of the most common types of wedding gowns which is usually worn and seen at formal weddings. This type of gown would look fabulous regardless of the neckline and type of train you pair it with. It’s also chosen most of the time since it suits most body types ranging from medium to tall build, to those who have wider hips or those with hour-glass figures.

The A-Line Wedding Gowns

A lot of brides also like A-Line type of gowns because of its adaptability, since it can complement the figure of any bride. It can also make the bride who’s wearing it look taller since it can make their torso appear longer, which is quite ideal for shorter brides. This type will also work for full-figured women since it can help in hiding heavier bottoms.


Sheath Dress

This type of gown is best suited for brides who are gonna have a casual wedding though it can still be used as a gown in formal weddings. Just remember to choose the right floor length for the dress. A good place to get such gowns is Z Wedding gowns in Singapore for a good selection. It’s actually a perfect style of gown for physically fit brides out there since it’s body-hugging and follows every curve from head to toe.

However, if you are expected to move around during the ceremony then you should reconsider getting a sheath dress since it doesn’t allow too much movement because of its fit.

The Mermaid and Trumpet Cut

The Mermaid and Trumpet Cut gowns are the type that are body-hugging on the top but has cone-shaped design at the base of the gown. It’s a great choice for brides who are endowed with a perfect figure or for those brides who are tall and slim. This type of gown is suitable for informal beach weddings or formal ballroom wedding affair.

Empire Cut

Empire cut types of dresses are those that are cropped bodice that has ridge that stops in the breast area. This style can create an illusion of a longer figure which is perfect to make some brides look more slim and tall. It’s also best suited for brides with bigger built and with those with smaller breasts size because the style of the gown is meant to emphasize their neckline, which will make it more flattering for them.

With a wide variety of wedding gowns available out there, you will surely find the one that will match your taste. Just remember that in choosing your wedding gown for your wedding day, choose the ones that will not only compliment your figure but also the one that will show your personality too.