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Condo Management Agents Go For New Condominiums


If you own an older apartment in a condominium unit, you might have some problems in being accepted by the property management Singapore company. This is because the costs to take care of such a condo are increased, and the condominium management company might see their profits affected. On the other hand, a professional MCST company might be able to take care of an older strata title also. if you are looking to buy a new apartment, maybe you should look for the real estate that is also managed by a great company. If you are looking to buy an old apartment, you might need to know that the majority of the banks are not offering such great credit options in this case. The risks are increased, the costs of a property management Singapore company are also higher, and the bank might consider those as increased risks factors. However there are still condo management firms such as Eton who would manage old condominiums and bring about a reduction of expenses for condo facilities. Even the small number of banks offering condo credits of this kind might force you to take an expensive insurance for the condo. Add this to the increased price paid for the condominium management services, and you will understand why it is harder and sometimes more expensive to buy an old apartment. In case you are buying a new villa, the MCST company has a minimum expense rate. Think about it: in a new real estate, the consumptions are lowered, the elevators will not break so easily, and the calculations of the expenses are made using professional software. A new condo might look more expensive at first, but you will surely save some serious money later.

The property management Singapore recommends you to buy the new condo while it is still in the finishing state. This way, you will be able to choose the finishing, the marble, or the wall coverings. Moreover, you should never sign the contract for the apartment when the condo is still in the phase of the project. In our harsh financial times, the construction companies delay the work, and they rarely finish their project within the promised time.