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Community Awareness: Project 4650

Apathy is not a good word. All people should be aware of the things happening around them especially in the community where they live. Are you living somewhere in East Coast Park? Maybe you have heard about Project 4650. It is a project that seeks to resettle homeless people at East Coast Park. It commenced in 2010. So far, it helped more than two hundred thirty families. The project spurred because of the surfacing of tents alongside East Coast Park beach.


Here are the things that you need to know about Project 4650:


Project 4650 offers IRH (Interim Rental Housing) Scheme. IRH is a great help to homeless people. Though it is just temporary, the fact that they have a home while they look for a job is a good thing. For a three room flat, the rent is at S$300.


Financial planning

Project 4650 also helps the families, especially the parents in the field of financial planning. Financial planning is important so they will know how to handle their finances and their investments. Choosing the right investments and knowing how to handle finances will make a stable and secure family. There are other workshops too.


For their children, Education is vital. Project 4650 helps the students in their school. There are free tutoring sessions. Apart from that, children can go to Siglap Community Club to do their homework and enjoy studying. Parents can also ask for financial support when it comes to their children’s school arrears.

The project is proud because of its holistic approach. It is indeed difficult to continue life without a home and without a job. The project does not only settle the parents but it also settle other family members especially children who are going to school. The results now are tangible. The team is looking forward to many projects, partnership and models that can help better the families.