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How to Choose a VoIP Service Provider


Compared to conventional telephone networks, VoIP services have significantly cheaper monthly rates. And most of VoIP Singapore providers offer service features similar to traditional telephone features, such as call waiting, caller ID, call transferring, call blocking, 3-way calling, speed dialing, and many more.


Because of its resemblance to standard telephones but in a much affordable price, the demand for VoIP service continues to soar. New providers entering the market offer better deals for a fiercer competition, pushing existing providers to offer extraordinary packages at surprisingly low prices.

That being said, service packages vary mainly from provider to provider. It pays to read and examine all the fine prints of every package deal you come across with.

1. Quality Considerations

For most Singapore organizations, voice over IP is one of the first steps they integrate to a systematic communication network. Most providers claim to give you the best voice communication experience, but neglect to inform that the traffic is handed off to the public Internet, where it’s susceptible to packet-loss resulting to low-quality voice calls. When checking out potential providers, look for quality indicators. The provider like crystal voip phone system in Singapore should have their own network to guarantee high voice quality, and offers Quality of Service (QoS) to ensure that voice traffic is more prioritized than data traffic.

2. Room for Growth

After experiencing VoIP for voice calls, most organizations would want to experience a more unified communication through their Internet telephony. To achieve this, choose a provider that has the required voiceprint, support multiple locations with inter-office dialing, has features for unified communications, and delivers not just voice services but as well as data services. Moreover, as part of the service, the provider should also offer the basic features, like the call transfer, caller ID, and Emergency 911.


3. Advanced Security Features

One of the necessary practices that you should execute when searching for a VoIP service provider is to identify whether your potential provider can deliver network monitoring and security. When using voice over IP, you’re likely to rely on the free flow of data, thus, making you susceptible to security threats, like spam and viruses, and network outages. Therefore, your service provider should be able to monitor the network 24/7 and delivers network-based security, which should include intrusion protection, managed firewall, anti-spam protection, web filtering, and anti-spyware protection.

4. Has the Requirements You Need

Your chosen VoIP Singapore provider should possess more than what we have mentioned above. Apart from the security and performance requirements, your service provider must be able to meet your company’s requirements. A good provider should be able to offer a solution that is compatible to your existing telephony equipment, provide project management and professional support, and must be flexible and scalable.


Accordingly, choosing the right VoIP provider requires time and thorough research. Also, pre-determining your company’s needs and the goals you want to achieve with your communication network can greatly help you in choosing the right service provider. The main point here is not to hurry with closing the deal, and make use of trial packages first before signing a long-term contract.