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Losing Weight The Right and Healthy Way


Obesity is a common problem not only here in Singapore but around the world. Some people underestimate its risks but it should be highlighted that it can cause diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and other chronic diseases which can lead to premature death. What is the best way to fight it? Of course, the best way to fight it is through losing weight and observing healthy living. Losing weight is not a problem but the problem lies in the individual. Many people want quick ways to lose weight. Though losing weight quickly is attainable, the fact remains that it cannot hold for a long time.


Do not wait for the doctor to advise you to lose weight. Maintaining healthy living should be a personal initiative. It is not too late to consider perfect living. You should know that there are many ways to lose weight the healthy way. Do not consider crash weight loss programs or solutions because it will destroy you. You should be familiar with weight management. You need to integrate active lifestyle and healthy eating habits that you can research on the perfect living in Singapore to manage your weight. Here are basic things that you can consider to facilitate losing weight:


You are often reminded that too much of something is bad enough. You should always keep this in mind and always think about balancing your food choices. But balancing your food choices does not mean that you have to forgo some of your favourite food, you simply need to budget your calorie intake and consider small serving sizes.

Be Mindful

You need to be mindful of your food choices. You should make sure to pick healthy foods. The first thing that you should do is cut down foods with high fat. Curbing high fat will lessen your daily calorie intake which is a big factor in losing weight. You have to choose beverage and food with a reduced amount of sugar. You need to watch out the food that you are preparing and the food that you are consuming.


Physical Activity

The Singapore HPB (Health Promotion Board) is promoting physical activity for all people-young, old, skinny and overweight. It is advisable to engage in physical activities at least 150 to 200 minutes of moderate to high intensity aerobic exercises every week. No need to stress yourself because you can always start gradually. Physical activity is crucial in losing weight plus it can do your body good.

Building Strength

Strength-building exercises can get rid of body fat. These exercises will also improve bone structure. Experts would recommend that you consider muscle-building exercises at least twice or thrice a week. The exercises should involve the arms, shoulder, legs, abdomens and other muscle groups. There are many fitness centres here in Singapore that can teach you to perform the exercises well.

There you go. If your doctor tells you to lose weight as soon as possible, it does not mean that you indulge in crash diets and skipping of meals. That means you should change your lifestyle as soon as possible. Losing weight is not something that you can simply buy in the market. Losing weight and healthy living in general is something that you painstakingly perform and maintain until you die. But you will find it easy as time goes by.

Health Screening Recommended for Women


In Singapore, there are recommended tests for health screening in which all women need to consider for running into the awareness of their physical condition so as with long life. (Women have different diseases they should also be aware of.) All of these analyses may not simply apply for all women. The only thing is that, four of those tests simply apply for all women of different ages.

If you would like to know more about the health screening packages singapore for women, here are some of the tests that you should know. You may also recommended to your higher ups to have executive health screening for the employees in your company. This way, you would have the idea of what you should take and why it is so essential for you.

Cholesterol tests – this the most standard test in health screening packages. Most women do not simply believe that they have higher levels of cholesterol and do not simply take the chance of having it checked. For most wo, you need to have your levels of cholesterol checked and you must always take the time to undergo tests for it. For women in singapore, you need to have the check up for about every 5 years, most especially when you turned 35. The only thing is that, if you burn or heart disease is running through your family or have diabetes, you should start going some tests at the age of 20. Whenever you’re overweight, you should get on a check-up whatever your age maybe.

Blood pressure testing – you also need to check for blood pressure for about 2 years. You have to regularly see your doctor for this thing. The machines for testing blood pressure at the spot of the drug store may simply need the calibration and are not very accurate or provide the same accuracy as the one used for health screening packages. The high blood pressure would not have any sort of signs and you would never even know that you have the problem or it is too late and stroke simply cuts you off. (It should be noted that women also have high cases of unhealthy blood pressure, and this is also a standard test in health screening packages for them.

Colorectal cancer tests – regular testing for colorectal cancer needs to start when you had reached 50. There is actually more than one type of check available. Thus, you must never take it a very simple thing. You should just get this thing done. This is a a more specialized test in corporate health screening.

Screening for diabetes – For people who have hypertension or simply have higher levels of cholesterol, doctors in Singapore would be going up for diabetes tests. If you were somewhat overweight, your doctor would be running for this screening event at the same time, as cholesterol screening.

Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water for Consumers


Drinking alkaline water is one of the secrets to achieving good health and sound body. It has a pH level of over 7. The ideal pH level of the body is around 7.35 to 7.45. Maintaining the body’s pH level is important in order to avoid getting ailments. Generally, the body’s acid level and alkaline level must be balanced.

We have addressed the common questions about alkaline water. The questions are the following: What are the benefits from drinking alkaline water; For patients with chronic diseases, which level of alkaline water should they drink; Alkaline ionized water, tap, or bottled; and Can I have alkalized water at home.

What are the benefits from drinking alkaline water?

Consumers are curious about what they can benefit from including alkaline water in their diet. Over the years, doctors and medical practitioners in hospitals notice that using alkaline ionized water for drinking and food preparation for their patients has noteworthy effect in various areas. There are noticeable improvements in the condition of diabetic patients, of patients with gout, and those with liver and kidney problems.

For common people in Singapore, this alkaline water neutralizes the acid-alkaline measurement of the body or the pH level. Alkaline water also has molecular structures that can easily penetrate into our cells thus speeding up the absorption of vitamins and minerals. It also energizes, helps fight aging through antioxidants, and aids in detoxifying the body from toxins.

What is recommended for patients with chronic diseases?

Health experts suggest that for those who suffer from chronic health conditions, level 3 (pH 9.5) of alkaline water is the most beneficial and desirable for them. It is ideal to drink this after about 1 to 2 weeks of drinking level 1 and level 2, or alkaline water with pH 8.5 and 9.0 respectively. Many patients have reported their condition improved after about 3 to 6 months of drinking alkaline water.

Alkaline ionized water, tap, or bottled?

Generally, tap water is not 100% clean, neither is bottled water 100% pure. There are 4 basic reasons why alkaline ionized water is always the healthiest choice among the three. First, it’s free from water impurities. Secondly, it eliminates acid wastes from your body. Third, because it’s ionized, it splits the water molecules into smaller clusters thus making it easier for the water to penetrate the cells. Lastly, it has negative ORP so it becomes antioxidant.

Can I have alkalized water at home?

Yes, you can with the use of KYK alkaline water machine or better known as ionizer sold in Singapore. This machine filters your tap water in home and separates it into two types, acidic water and alkaline water. When there are more minerals in your unfiltered water, the product or the ionized water is stronger. Therefore, it becomes more alkaline and has stronger antioxidant potential.