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The State of Modern Rap and Hip-Hop

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Rap has been a part of our culture worldwide as the youth listen to songs from all around the world connecting to one another through generational music. It’s safe to say that a certain trend of music usually defines the entire generation and rap and hip-hop have played a huge role in today’s music. Although there have been a lot of trends that have come and gone, hip-hop is still widely appreciated and respected.

Even in Singapore, the youth are very involved in hip-hop music. The older generations on the other hand still have a hard time getting into the modern style of music as they haven’t been used to the genre. Hip-hop and pop music has been going hand-in-hand throughout the 2000s as most of the popular songs turn out to be hip-hop. Amazingly, hip-hop has even managed to top over alternative music which is a common favorite of pop chart ratings.

Among the pop chart ratings, it’s easy to spot a couple of hip-hop tracks along with the mainstream pop songs. Even in hip-hop, there has been a lot of change and arguments as to the modern day hip-hop which we experience nowadays. There’s been a lot of debate going on as to if the new style of rapping which is known as “mumble rap” is actually acceptable.

Well, this debate has been going on and new rappers usually get disrespected because of their unorthodox way of mumbling the lyrics instead of actually verbalizing them. Sometimes as a listener, it becomes a bit hard to differentiate the two because of how music continuously changes and evolves. From one specific structure to another, music is constantly changing even to the point that we aren’t able to differentiate the original genre of our music anymore.

The modern rappers have started a trend of simplifying their lyrics. Instead of a complicated long verse or chorus, they would just talk about things that may seem light and then add a line or two about things that are really deep. Basically the new school rappers do not like talking as much and would rather focus on the things they want to focus on.

Rap is a means of communication and the way the new school rappers rap sort of reflects how our generation talks to each other. Instead of depth, we focus on highlight. Instead of getting connected, we fall into intimacy really quick. Maybe with this analogy, you’ll appreciate modern rappers more. Give it a shot, who knows, you might actually like them. Music is music no matter what language you are speaking. Sometimes you don’t need to understand music, sometimes you just need to appreciate it.