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What to Do If You Lose Your Car Keys?


SharePerhaps, every car owner has experienced losing their car keys at least once in their lives. If at any point you find yourself in such situation—lost your car keys, stuck in the middle of the city, and locked out of your car, do not fret as you can call a locksmith Singapore. These people are professionals and well-experienced so you’re sure you can get out of your jam in no time.


So, what should your protocol be when your car keys are nowhere to be found?

1. Secure First Your Safety: If you don’t feel safe in the place where you are locked out of your car, don’t hesitate to call 999. In some cases, police can help unlock car doors. If they can’t, at least they can secure you and your car while waiting for assistance.

2. Try to Remember If Someone Has a Spare of Your Car Key: Does your mom or dad, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, or even your best friend have a duplicate for your car key? Or do you have a spare key at home that someone can pick up for you? Try to find out if anyone has a spare key for your car before calling anybody for assistance.

3. Check If By Any Chance You Left Your Trunk Open: In many cars, you can simply push the back seat from the trunk to gain access to the car interior. From the trunk, you can pull the tab located behind the backseat to unlock the seat and allow you to push it down.


4. Call Your Car Dealer: For those of people who have just recently bought their car, you can call your car dealer for assistance. Most dealers usually keep a duplicate key of purchased vehicles. However, this provides the best chances only to those who have purchased their cars for no more than a year. If you’re lucky enough to get a duplicate from your car dealer, it is indeed a free and easy solution to unlocking your car.

5. Call a Tow Truck: If the first four options failed, your next best solution is to call a tow truck. Most Singapore tow trucks provide car lockout services 24/7. However, this assistance doesn’t come free and will require you to pay a certain amount.

6. Get a Temporary Car Key: Your car dealer or a reputed locksmith Singapore can provide you an inexpensive key that will open the car doors (but not start the car) so you can retrieve you car keys, if they’re not lost and are just stuck inside the car. However, be prepared to answer questions to prove the car’s ownership.

7. Always Have an Extra Key Handy: Stash a duplicate of your car key in your wallet or purse. It would also help if you have another spare kept in a well-hidden spot in your car. Bring your car keys in a certified and trusted locksmith and have them duplicated so you’ll never be locked out of your car again.

Call a Locksmith: If everything else fails and found out that your only car key is gone, you are going to need the expertise of a locksmith like prosmith services singapore to come and unlock your car. Expect to pay for a higher price for more modern cars as these cars have more complex system to bypass. However, the remote-entry key fob of your car can only be replaced by your car dealer as this needs to be programmed to your vehicle.

8. Purchase a Car with Extra Benefits: For those who are still planning to buy their own car, avoid getting into this unfortunate circumstance by purchasing a vehicle with extra benefits. There are cars that won’t lock if the key is in the ignition and any of the doors is open. Also, some vehicles from Lincoln, Mercury, and Ford have door-mounted keypad that allows you to enter a secret code to unlock the door.

Losing your car keys and being locked out of your car is a hugely stressful situation. Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can do, and there’s always locksmith Singapore to help you out with almost any possible locking problems.