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5 Things You Didn’t Expect You Can Do With Facebook



With its growing number of users, Facebook has been constantly updating and strengthening its system to accommodate demands, while still providing strong security for its users. Managing its growing number of features can be daunting for average users, but there are things you can do to make the social network fit to your liking.

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  1. Save Things to Watch or Read Later

The posts you see in your News Feed come with an option to be bookmarked. Click the upside down arrow located at the top-right corner of the post you want to bookmark, and choose Save link or video. To check the posts you have collected, go to the Saved page by clicking More located at the bottom part of your Facebook homepage.

  1. Block Annoying Game Invites

Apart from blocking people, Facebook also allows you to block app, event, and page invites. If you add a friend to the Block App Invites setting, you will never receive any app invite from that person again.

  1. Figure Out Who Can See Your Activities

When your friend shares a post, she dictates who can see her post. When you comment on or like that post, her friends or chosen audience (which may not be your friends) will see your action in their News Feed. So, if you don’t want to make your activities visible to people you don’t know, check your privacy setting before interacting.


  1. Shrink the Amount of Space Facebook Takes Up

The mobile version of Facebook takes more than 96MB of your phone’s storage space. It can even grow to more than a hundred megabytes if you open a Web page through the app (i.e. articles from external sites like Though Catalog, Elite Daily, Cosmopolitan, etc.)

  1. Choose Whose Activities You Want to See First

Just recently, Facebook introduced the ‘See First” feature that lets users choose their favourite people and see their activities first. Simply hover over a friend’s name, click Following button, and then choose See First.

Over the years, Facebook has undergone so many interface and security changes and incorporated a sea of features to provide the best social networking experience to its users. By taking advantage of its full capacity, it’s not impossible to tailor your Facebook account according to your security and entertainment preferences and needs.