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Singapore Lasik Surgery Effects


After LASIK surgery, the patient will no longer use eyeglasses or purchase costly contact lenses. Eyeglasses or contact lenses might in some ways offer sense of fashion but, there are situations for instance in a certain job, career and activity, it is totally a great distraction. LASIK eye surgery is identified as modern Lasik miracle in terms of treating astigmatism, hyperopia and myopia. These are the Singapore lasik singapore conditions where in individual could not see things with acuity, focus and sharpness. LASIK surgery is definitely a hope to those individual who have the conditions for them to be able to see or view things normally.


The cons behind the Epi Lasik surgery might occur once the surgery is improperly. There grave consequences that patients might acquire after the operation in cases the Lasik operation is done in the wrong way. Aside from this, the Singapore employment of laser could also give great risk to the Singapore patient. Wrong screening could also lead to certain complications. The possible results that Lasik patients might acquire is eyesight impairment, glare vision, starburst effect, seeing halos and double vision once the eye is exposed to lights. There is also corneal haze that might be encountered instantaneously after the Singapore Epi Lasik surgery. The frequent complication acquired by Lasik patient is dry eyes. However, this complication will just subside after several months. In order to get relieve from the discomfort that it gives, eye lubricant are prescribe by Epi Lasik Singapore doctors.


Aside from the Epi Lasik complication another cons of this Lasik procedure, is that it is costly and most of the time the procedure is not covered in the insurance. There are cases where in some patients need to still wear contact lenses and eye glasses after the Singapore Lasik operation. These are basically the pros and the cons associated with the Singapore procedure. Hence, now that you already have idea on the result that the procedure gives, you can now think if the procedure is totally right for you. Alternatively, you could decide if you still want or ready to have the procedure.