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Looking Deeper: Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles


You know that Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles was the founder of modern day Singapore but more than that, you really do not know him. NHB (National Heritage Board) has this campaign in its Facebook page that shows the characteristics of the founding founder. Some of the characteristics that NHB revealed are not really common.


Here are some things that you should know about Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles:

  • He was father of Singapore and London Zoo: It is known that Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles was considered the father of Singapore but did you know that he was also the father of London Zoo? London Zoo is his brainchild and he founded it in 1826.
  • He was a nature lover: Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles was a nature lover. He loves to be around nature and marvel its beauty. Wherever he travel, he will never leave a place without collecting fauna and flora. In fact, he spearheaded the Botanic Gardens in Fort Canning.


  • He was member of freemasons: Freemasons claimed Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles as one of their members. Freemasons is one of the most private groups in the world.
  • He died in debt: He discovered Singapore but it he died full of debt. This is the ironic part. He discovered one of the richest nation but he died with heavy debt.
  • He was benevolent but traditional: His first year in Singapore was progressive. He established churches and schools that promote native languages. He encouraged missionaries and local enterprises to thrive and flourish. There were no duties imposed. Despite that, he still maintained European town setting. The setting segregated the population.

If you want to know more, you can refer to NHB’s Facebook or better yet, you can research about the founding father.