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4 Tips to Avoid Burn Outs While Running


Other than pushing through and giving up, you still have more options to choose from when you feel like you’ve hit the wall in the middle of your runs. There are several strategies that can help you get past that wall and even get to the finish line – and the best part is, you don’t need to train more. You just have to train smarter and here’s how you can do it.


  1. Start Slowly. A good rule to apply as you start your running exercise is the “rule of thirds”. The first third of your run should serve as your warm-up. At this pace, you should still be able to carry on a conversation while running. As you reach two thirds of your run, increase your tempo until it reaches your goal pace. For the last phase, you get to choose to maintain your current speed or accelerate it. What’s important is that you start your run slowly, while gradually increasing your speed.
  1. Change Your Route. Jogging on the same route every time is what allows boredom and frustration to kick in. A good way to avoid this is to change your running path every now and then. You can use smartphone apps like Strava or sites like to find other running routes that are available in your area. Also, make it a habit to take at least one new route in your routine so that you won’t get bored easily with your usual path.


  1. Take Things Easy. If you’re considering training to run longer distances, then make sure that you won’t be doing too much too soon. The key to make this successful is to build up slowly. You can start running 10 miles a week with three runs. After that, you can gradually increase your mileage but only to 10 percent to reduce your risk of getting injured. If you’re feeling a bit sluggish, maintain your training level for another week before adding up another 10 percent of mileage. Yes, it’s a slow process, but it’s a strategy that will surely work.
  1. Lift More. Although most runners are often wary of lifting weights, incorporating strength training to your routine actually aids in improving your mile time. Weight lifting helps in strengthening muscles that are important for propelling your body forward during your runs. The stronger your muscles get, the more efficient and faster you’ll become in your running routine.

Just like with other workout routines, it’s also possible to experience burn outs while running. Luckily, it can now be avoided by following the aforementioned tips. With these tips, you can already run better and safer.



Preparing for the Big Fun Run


There is something about running that makes it fun. Maybe the terrain or the people you are with. Have you heard about the recently concluded Jurong Lake Run here in Singapore? The race was joined by more or less 16,000 people from fifty countries.  The Jurong Lake Run is now on its fourth year. For the first time, the run was conducted in the evening.


Part of the revenue will be donated to beneficiaries.  If you joined the Jurong Lake Run, you felt how fun and meaningful it was. You did not win but the experience was significant. Do not worry because you still have the chance to win – next year. So, here’s how to prepare for the big fun run:

  • Enjoy the road. There are runners who only see the prize. They only look ahead. Sometimes, you also need to look sideward and appreciate the beautiful environment or enjoy the people you are with. You run because you love to not because you are forced to. Do not forget to wear that smile. It will brighten everyone’s day.
  • Fuel up. Few days before your racing day, you should remember to increase your caloric intake. This is to facilitate in fuelling your body. With that, you should make sure that you are eating enough carbs. It does not end there. You have to drink water too.


  • Warm up. Whenever you go for a run or for a cross-fit training, always remember to do warm ups and cool down. Sometimes you just ignore its importance so you go about your training.
  • Sleep. You have to get enough sleep. The recommended sleep is at least eight hours.
  • Dress appropriately. You have to make sure that you dress for success. Do not wear simple or extravagant clothes. Wear clothes that are functional and comfortable because it will bring you to success.
  • Trust and believe. Sometimes, things will come up beyond your control that will test your spirit. When you encounter any “hopeless” moments, you have to trust and believe that you can do it. Believers are winners. It may not be your time now or in the next year but you will eventually have your time. So, if that pesky voice of hesitation bothers you, kick it.

If you are seriously thinking about being a winner, you can use the help of trainers. There are many trainers here in Singapore that you can seek for help. Fun runs are memorable if you do it with your friends and family.

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