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Are You Set to Have the Wedding of a Lifetime?


Once again, it is already June, the perfect month for a lovely, summer wedding here in Singapore. Of course, if you were planning to have a June wedding, you should already be set to walk down the aisle and say “I Do” by now. But, if this month has inspired you to have your own wedding by this time next year, then take a look at some of these elements that are essential to having that wedding you’ve always dreamed of.



You can’t have a wedding without a venue and since it is summer, an ideal season for an outdoor wedding, why not have yours on a picturesque garden setting, such as Singapore Botanic Garden’s Burkhill Hall, or with the sand on your toes and the sound of the waves in the background, such as at Tanjong Beach in Sentosa perhaps?

Bridal Gown and Wedding Tux

Gone are the days when the bride has to strictly wear white and the groom has to wear a classic tux. It’s your wedding and you could choose whatever you want for it. For the bride, you could still choose to go traditional and wear white or opt for a more unconventional, fashion-forward colour such as blush or pastel green. You could have your gown custom-made at La Vita Brides, located at 433B Sengkang West Way, #07-539. For the groom, wear a suit or a tux that you like and fits you well. You have plenty of options at Jack Custom Tailors which you’ll find at Level 02-32, 328 North Bridge Road.



For the soon-to-be-brides, it’s important that you are happy with every choice you make for your wedding. Even as small a detail as a bouquet needs to suit your taste. So whatever you prefer, go for it! For unique floral designs, you could count on Simply Flowers. Visit them at any of their three outlets at The Central, ION Orchard, or at JEM (Jurong East MRT).

Wedding Cake

The first bite you’ll both make as an official married couple. How do you like your cake? Does it have to be chocolate, vanilla, or both? Well, just make sure that you both agree on the flavour and keep in mind any allergies that each of you might have. You could have your very own wedding cake custom made at Cake Avenue. You could contact them at +65-877-0308 and their shop is located at 33 Lorong Kilat, #01-01 Kilat Centre.



Bar Opiume: A Well-Designed Nightclub in Singapore


There are a lot of bars and clubs in Singapore that offers some nice drinks and unique taste of cocktails. However, this one elegant bar in the metropolis is something that is worth the talk – Bar Opiume. It is one of the many nightspots in Singapore that is uniquely and elegantly designed for drinking and eating sessions.


Bar Opiume is a very popular bar in the country as is a great dining place for many people. On the other hand, many individuals love to stay at this bar because of its striking and charming setting. Finding the bar is very easy. Once you find the Asian Civilization Museum, you can easily find this bar because it is situated just beside the museum.

One of the many types of scenery that you will be seeing in this pub is the beautiful Singapore River. No doubt. There’s no other bar that you can compare with this one.


Hailed as first Asian prosecco and vodka bar, Bar Opiume has also a large array of wines that comes from around the globe. On the other hand, inside the place, you can find the bright glow of the enormous chandeliers, the glaring blue tables and the Buddha sculpture (it’s not a surprise because the establishment is near the museum). Because of the luxurious set-up of the place, it is evident that is has a cozy environment. In addition for a relax atmosphere is the jazz and soft-to-the-ear music that is performed by live bands.

bar opiume night


Not the Drinking Culture But the Drink Culture


Anything that you would love to drink is in this exceptional drinking bar in Singapore. Situated at Kreta Ayer Road is the overwhelming ambiance of Drink Culture. After all the tour in the metro and eating some chow along the famous destinations of the country, one should not miss Drink culture.


Similar to many pubs, Drink Culture is a bar that boast off it variety of cocktails which can be customized by its customers. Apart from making our most5 favorable drink, you’ll never regret the ingredient that they are using here because only the freshest substances are mixed with the beverages.

One extraordinary and a trademark drink at Drink Culture is the chocolate flambé martini. Imagine a self-indulgent chocolate dessert that has been dissolved and made into liquid. You’ll probably want this whether it’s the first time you have tasted it. Actually, one glass of this signature drink would make anyone feel its savory and delightful drink. Purely, one can say that this drink is truly worth consuming.


On the other hand, if you want some unique kick, you can choose to drink their premium champagnes and an array of superior fine spirits. With what the drinks that the pub is offering, it is clearly seen that Drink Culture is one classy bar in Singapore.

What’s more is that the establishment was created by a talented and a multi-awarded concept designer who is Riston Foo. Foo design the bar in a Victorian style. In fact, it has some peculiar details like a hand-painted drawing but it’s cool.

the studio

The Great Escape to Singapore’s Busy City


Almost all as foreign visitors most especially locals are choosing the Holland Village as their well-liked shopping destination. Aside that it is that is offers variety of items; it is also a place for relaxation and a perfect bonding site for family and friends. On the other hand, for some visitors, you don’t need to explore the entire city and for something cool because Holland Village is simply one of t he best places to go in Singapore.


Holland Village is a shopping center that provides a wide selection of shopping items as well as entertainment to avoid boredom and have a nice vacation in this lovely country. No need to worry for its location because it is only near the metropolis. In fact, it is just a 10-inute ride from Orchard Road (one of the most visited sites in Singapore).


In the place, you can find Along Lorong Mambong – an establishment that has classy restaurants and elegant wine pubs with their diverse variety of music. Also, present here are the coffee shops wherein you can sip a cup of what they call pulled tea or locally known as teh tarik. In addition, you can also get wet not by their bars and nightclubs but in their wet market. Literally, you will be wet with the different meats and poultry that is sold in the market. To fully enjoy the Holland Village, there are also antique stores. The relic shop here is something that is worth visiting.