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A Guide to Efficiently Use Pinterest for Your Business


You created a Pinterest page for your business. That’s a good move, but are you really using it to its full advantage? Knowing the right Pinterest strategy will help you in gathering followers and reaching your business goals faster. But how can you ensure that you’re making the most out of your Pinterest boards? Simply put the following tips to work.

1. Fill Out Everything in Your Profile

This may sound basic, but a good number of people actually skip this step. To get the most benefit out of Pinterest, ensure that your profile is completely filled with the information about your business, along with the links to your Facebook page or any other networking site that you prefer. It’d also be a good idea to set your company logo as the primary photo if you’re working with a team. If you’re running your business on your own, however, then it’d be better to use your own photo. Clients would normally want to see the face behind the brand, especially with small businesses.

2. Show Variety in Your Pins

Although it’s crucial that you promote your business, it’s also important that you post ideas, resources and other websites that your followers might find useful. Consider it as stitching the best resources together to help establish a better social media following.

3. Develop Unique and Specific Boards

A lot of businesses in Pinterest create boards with general topics. This may appeal to the general audience at first, but they’ll likely turn into something generic later on. So instead of following this trend, choose to be specific and unique with your boards so you could create more buzz. A good example is, instead of a generic recipe board, create a marshmallow recipe board.

4. Personalize Your Account

Instead of sticking with topics that fall within your business’s niche, consider showing a little of your personality in your Pinterest account. Aside from creating boards that might interest your potential clients, develop a board that enables your followers to know who you really are. Create boards about your dream travel destinations, your travel plans, or the moments when you’re having a good time with your family.

5. Use It as a Collaborative Tool

Pinterest is now considered as a great way for people working on the same project to share ideas, images and other resources – especially now that the networking site already allows its users to develop private boards. So if you’re planning to hold a conference or an event, make the most out of this site by getting ideas from all over the web.

Using Pinterest to full advantage is actually quite easy. All you’ve got to do is be creative with your boards and your pins, and you’ll surely be able to reach your business goals in no time.

The Time of My Life


Singaporeans are thrilled and excited because this year, there are many international shows and performances who decided to visit or revisit the country. For theatre enthusiasts, this is a good time. If you want to learn about the shows and performances, you can check the internet and other sources. Know the dates so you will not miss a thing.

It is important that you book tickets as soon as possible so you can choose the best seats. So far, international hits like Stomp, Phantom of the Opera, Addams Family and Dirty Dancing confirmed their shows. If you are interested to see Dirty Dancing, here are some details you need to know:


Dirty Dancing showcases music, romance and sexy dancing. It is an international hit that follows the romantic tale of the innocent Baby and the suave dance instructor Johnny. Baby is a rich girl while Johnny is only a performer but their roads intertwined and they fell in love. Johnny taught Baby how to dance and the rest is history. The show features beloved songs like “Will You Love Me Tomorrow”, “By My Baby” and “Hungry Eyes”. Join the crew and sing along to their famous songs.

When: There are series of shows that will commence on May 29 and will end on June 16, 2013. Time varies depending on the day or date. For more information, you can refer to your tickets for the exact time..

Where: The shows or screenings will be at the Marina Bay Sands-Grand Theater, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore.

Restrictions: Anyone can watch it.

Tickets: Ticket prices vary depending on the type of seat. Premium seats cost S$175.00, A Reserve costs S$150.00, B Reserve costs S$125.00, C Reserve costs S$95.00 and D Reserve costs S$55.00.

Four Ways You Can Supplement Your Income


Having a business on the side as you keep a day job is a good idea if you want to increase your income, save up for something or to just simply have more financial freedom. Your investments will only be time, effort and energy. Below are some easy and achievable businesses you can start with but of course, it will still depend upon your interests and strengths.

Garage Sales

One of the ways to unclutter your closet or any storage area inside your house is to remove your old and unused stuff. It doesn’t literally mean throwing away, you can kiss them goodbye while earning some cash through garage sale. You may set it up every weekend and you can also visit your friends or neighbors and offer to sell their stuff in your yard sale while agreeing to split the proceeds.

Video/Photography Editing

Many clients are seeking for well-skilled individuals who render their services in photography and video editing for special events since established professionals have expensive fees. With the right gadgets, patience and passion you can start your video productions at home.

Handy Man Servicing

Being skilled in basic home repair is the key. If you have this, simply let people know about it when you get the chance, such as in parties and other gatherings. You can offer free services to your friends at the start until you develop a pool of clients. You don’t even have to be an expert, as many people who need household repairs actually don’t need a lot of work.

Event Planner

Passion for events coordination and planning is a great way to start up this kind of business. It only takes creativity, good negotiating skills, resourcefulness, good judgment and you’re good to go.

These are just some of the countless side businesses you can come up with less risk requirements. If it fails, at least you gained an experience, learnings and all you lost is time. It will still be of big help as you venture to next opportunities.

Easy Side Businesses You Can Start On your Own


We love to hear stories about the guy who quit his job and started a business of his own and is now worth millions of dollars. But the reality is, leaving your job to put up your own business is a heck of a gamble—big time gamble. Good thing there are safer ways to earn. Below are four of those:


Blogging has become a very big force in the online community. If you enjoy writing, you can blog about a topic you are passionate about. You just need a stable internet connection, computer and creative ideas. There are also websites or virtual companies that compensate bloggers who have the commitment to consistently write.


Did you top a particular subject in college? Do you enjoy teaching and have patience with kids? Well this might be a good business for you. Establishing this might be hard at first, but you can start by letting your friends know you tutor in a specific topic and get your clients through referrals.

Events Hosting

If you’re the type of person who enjoys public attention, has the confidence and wit to arouse a crowd, then you already have everything you need to launch yourself as a host for events. You just have to keep your lines open for any gigs and invites and interact with a lot of people, and then you can expect some extra cash if people like your work.


If you have a taste of art and passion for baking sweets then this could be a great venue for you to showcase your skills. Learn the art of baking and designing goodies so you can sell it to your friends and get orders for special occasions. Desserts have a very large market. Good taste, connections and sales strategies are just the main ingredients.

Web Hosting Importance


Web hosting is the primary step to get a Singapore website going on the Internet. When you create a business website for your company, you will need a space for it on the Internet so that it will be published for the whole world to see. A web host can provide that space you need.

How Does Hosting Work?
To make your business or personal website available on the Internet, you will need high-powered computers, also known as web servers, with a high-speed network to host your website. Say a person types in your URL or website address that you have purchased from web hosting Singapore he or she will be connected to the web server that is hosting your website and from there, he or she can now access what’s in your website.

Cheap Web Hosting
It is expensive to have your own web server for your Singapore company, especially if it is still growing. The cost of buying and maintaining high-powered computers can pose a threat to your revenues. What most small companies in Singapore do is pay for the services of a web web host. In this way, they don’t have to set up and maintain a company web server. All the needed computers and other machines for web hosting are already available for lease from their chosen web host.
Types of Hosting
Hosting are of different types and each type serves a specific purpose.
Shared Hosting
Out of all types of hosting, this one is the most common and the easiest type to take. In this type, there is one shared hosting server for different websites that need hosting.
Having a shared hosting server can be cheaper since you won’t be paying for the entire Singapore server. Second, it’s easier to use. The server has been set up or preconfigured in advance so it is ready for hosting operations. Your web hosting company will also be the one to take charge of the server’s maintenance as well as its security updates.

However, a shared hosting server also has disadvantages. There is a tendency that all hosted websites in that server will be affected if one of them becomes really busy.

Dedicated Hosting
In this type of web hosting, a customer has the entire server for itself. Everything is exclusively intended for its purpose.
Dedicated hosting is flexible. A business owner in Singapore, for example, can customize both software and hardware specifications of the web server according to his business’ needs. The resources are dedicated to one website alone, thus guaranteeing good uptime and fast speed.
However, you need to have technical knowledge as you will be responsible in configuring and managing the server. And since it is not shared with other customers, it’s more expensive.

Virtual Private Servers
VPS has the characteristics of shared hosting as well as dedicated hosting. The server is still shared with other customers. But with virtualization technology, there can be partitions with each one having its specific dedicated resources that can be configured to serve like a dedicated server. Since there are partitions, this type of web hosting can be advantageous as other websites can have lesser effect to the speed of your website no matter how busy they can get. Unlike shared hosting, there is a lesser number of customer who occupies the same server. That said, VPS is more expensive than shared hosting. Also, it requires high technical knowledge for you to have full control over your server.

Opening a Barbecue Catering Business in Singapore


Most people, if not all, love eating barbecue. Any kind of barbecue has a taste that’s hard to resist, not to mention the smell of it adds to its deliciousness. A barbecue catering, therefore, is one good business venture that you can attempt trying. If you have a passionate palate to make tasty barbecue recipes, you might want to start making money out of those.

Obtain Legal Requirements

When you decide to put up a barbecue catering business in Singapore, you need to comply with certain requirements set by the Singapore government with regards to starting new businesses. Also check for certain policies and regulations by the health and taxation departments in order to make your business official and legal. Make sure you obtain a business license to abide by the law.

Create Tasty Barbecue Recipes

After securing a business license and other legal requirements, you’re good to go for the next detail on your guidelines. Start creating delicious barbecue recipes. Your barbecue menu should be something new and unique to make your business stand out from the others. You don’t have to make a lot of recipes at once. Perhaps you can start with two or three original recipes, and these are the ones that you’ll push in the market. Also, take note of the prices of the ingredients and from where can you buy them the cheapest.

Cook with a Portable Smoker

Once you have created your original recipes and have done price enquiry from various suppliers, the next thing to consider is the portable smoker where you will grill your barbecue. Portable smokers that are sold in the market can either be electric or charcoal. There are also towable and portable grills, which can be advantageous on your part since you can do the grilling anywhere you wish to, while there are also installed grills. When you’re done with calculating your total expenses to start your barbecue catering business, the next thing for you to identify for the bbq catering are the prices of your food and service. How much will your barbecue catering for a certain event be? You have to put in mind that your prices should not appear to be unaffordable for the ordinary people as you would like to market your barbecue catering service to everyone the soonest possible time. Facebook allows anyone to create a fan page for any type of business. As the owner of a starting business, you want to maximize your available resources to avoid unnecessary, additional expenses. For your advertising needs, you can create a fan page for your barbecue catering business. Be sure that important information about your business can be found in the page. These includes price details and contact number. Once you have catered for a specific event, it is also best if you let everyone know how well it went. In that way, you can draw more interest from other barbecue lovers.

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