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Tips for Overcoming the Fear of Flying



Travelling is a fun and memorable experience that all Singaporeans must embark but unfortunately, there are some that are afraid to fly. They are missing half of their life and at some point in time, they will need to fly. However, we should not take lightly their fear of flying.

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Flying can attract many unpleasant thoughts. The trick is to think of the destination, not the journey. So, if in this case we are terrified of flying, here are some tricks that can help us lessen if not eliminate the anxiety:

  • We have to know what to expect. Planes make horrible sounds which intensify our anxiety. We have to understand how the plane works so we will know what to expect. For example, if we know what causes the turbulence or why the scary sounds during take-off, we will not be terrified of any aircraft malfunctioning.


  • Choose the aisle seat. If the view of the sky and the tall buildings scare us, the best thing to do is choose the aisle seat. The good news here is that we can choose our seat so this should not be a problem. If we are particularly afraid of enclosed spaces, the aisle seat can be helpful.


  • Think positive. Instead of watching airplane disasters, why not choose different ones. Thinking positive will help us get through the day.


  • Keep breathing. Our anxiety will increase when the plane is about to take-off, the least that we can do is to breath. Our breathing may get shallow so we need to breathe deeply to relax.

We only hope that our trip will be smooth and it is possible.