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Career Guide: Colours to Wear to a Job Interview


What you choose to wear speaks a lot about your personality. So, in an all-important job interview, make sure to make a great first impression of who you really are. Below are a few tips for picking the right colour for your interview outfit.



  1. Choose Solids Over Patterns

When dressing up for an interview, your goal should be not to be remembered for what you have worn; wear something that lets the interviewer focus on the things you’re about to say and not on your style of clothing—whether too bad or too trendy. Solid black, navy, and dark gray suits look professional without being distracting.

  1. Pick Neutrals Over Bright

Avoid dressing up in bright colours since you aim not to be remembered by the way you dress. Neutral colours such as gray, navy, brown, and black are the best colours to wear for a job interview, though a splash of colour as an accessory never hurts, like a red tie or scarf, to complete the look.


  1. Go for the Right Colour

Different colours evoke particular human responses, whether or not we’re conscious of them. Below are the colours and the emotions they can evoke. Wearing the right hue helps you present yourself in an appropriate way.

Blue: Tones of blue, particularly navy, is great neutral colour for interview attire. Blues exude feelings of trust, confidence, and calmness—good qualities to sense in job applicants like you.

Brown: This is a neutral hue that suggests feelings of calmness. It’s a great solid colour for any job interview.

Red: Red may be a bright colour, but it exudes energy and passion. A touch of red in your outfit can convey just the right amount of energy without making you appear too much.

White: A crisp and clean white blouse or shirt suggests simplicity and genuineness, and adds brightness to your overall look without being too overwhelming.

The skills, experiences, and the way an applicant answers the questions is what matters most in a job interview. However, in the job industry, where employers must decide between many qualified candidates, the right interview attire can set you apart from the bunch.