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Benefits of Using Online Marketing

Many businesses rely on traditional radio, TV, print advertising. Those marketing methods worked greatly at one point of time. However they have been on a sharp decline in the recent years especially when more and more adults and teenagers are wrapping their lives around their computers and the internet has made content so easily accessible anywhere they are with the release of smart phones like the iPhone.


If your business is one of those that relied heavily on traditional marketing, perhaps it is time for a change of perception when it comes to advertising in the new online medium. Youngsters these days are known to spend lots more time in front of their computer screen rather than watching TV. Add on to that, with Xinmsn coming up with the ability to stream almost all tv shows online, there is no wonder why teenagers would rather spend their time watching shows online than on TV when there are tons of adverts airing every 10 mins of tv show airtime.


Some people may not think that they can get many customers as compared to print advertising. But times have changed, we have to face it. By embracing online marketing, there are many benefits that comes with it.


One of the big advantage is that you get to spend a lot lesser for online advertising while being able to target specific and a targeted group of people. This results in higher ROI conversions and lesser ad spent. There are some start up cost in order to reach your customers online. First you would need a very well designed website. Your website is your virtual storefront, how well done it is speaks of how much you are committed to your customers. A very well done website may cost about 4-5k. There are also website developers that can design at 1-2k. But at the end of the day, it comes down to how much you want that customer to buy from you. First impression last a long time.

Online Marketing

Up next, we will discuss on the different online platforms to market your products and services on. Stay tune!