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Bar Opiume: A Well-Designed Nightclub in Singapore

There are a lot of bars and clubs in Singapore that offers some nice drinks and unique taste of cocktails. However, this one elegant bar in the metropolis is something that is worth the talk – Bar Opiume. It is one of the many nightspots in Singapore that is uniquely and elegantly designed for drinking and eating sessions.


Bar Opiume is a very popular bar in the country as is a great dining place for many people. On the other hand, many individuals love to stay at this bar because of its striking and charming setting. Finding the bar is very easy. Once you find the Asian Civilization Museum, you can easily find this bar because it is situated just beside the museum.

One of the many types of scenery that you will be seeing in this pub is the beautiful Singapore River. No doubt. There’s no other bar that you can compare with this one.


Hailed as first Asian prosecco and vodka bar, Bar Opiume has also a large array of wines that comes from around the globe. On the other hand, inside the place, you can find the bright glow of the enormous chandeliers, the glaring blue tables and the Buddha sculpture (it’s not a surprise because the establishment is near the museum). Because of the luxurious set-up of the place, it is evident that is has a cozy environment. In addition for a relax atmosphere is the jazz and soft-to-the-ear music that is performed by live bands.

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